Club Soccer Director 2020 is the third and latest addition to the football club owner simulator series Club Soccer Director from developer Go Play Games. This is a game that you might want to look into if you feel that just being the manager in other football sims doesn’t give you enough control over how your club runs.

In this game, you’ll become the director of the club instead of just the manager and thus will have power over even the smallest details. Everything from the club’s core philosophy to the price of the tickets is up to you to decide.

Club Soccer Director 2020 Trailer

Another major part of Club Soccer Director 2020 is working with football agents, who have a happiness gauge that you must keep track of. If you anger them by repeatedly making bad deals, negotiations might break down, which might result in you missing out on some great players. On the other hand, if you can keep them happy with regular business, they might be able to get you a superstar at a reduced cost.

Club Soccer
Manage every aspect of your club's operation

It seems you’ll be able to be as involved in (or detracted from) the operation of your club as you want, being able to choose which players to buy and even force the manager to follow a specific playstyle. Of course, one fun thing to do in these types of games is deliberately making terrible decisions to see how bad things can get before you are fired, so it’s interesting to see how Club Soccer Director 2020 handles this aspect.

Club Soccer 2
Keep everyone happy and you'll get some incentives, or deliberately make terrible decisions to see how bad it can get before you're kicked out

Club Soccer Director 2020 is already available on the App Store right now. An Android version is also promised to be coming “soon”, though no specific date has been confirmed at the moment.  It’s a free-to-play release with IAPs on iOS, so we can expect the same on Android as well.