Since its release in 2017, Fortnite has become one of the most influential eSports games on mobile. After only a few months, this game has reportedly had more than 20 crores of players across the world on many various platforms.

Fortnite War Apple
Fortnite declares war against Apple.

The latest statistics point out that with over 35 crore registrations, Epic Games has earned over $4B since Fortnite has been available on the market. Although it is advertised as a free game, Epic Games still gains certain revenues from in-game items and that’s also why the company has just declared war against Apple.

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Before Apple decided to remove Fortnite from its app store, both Apple and Epic Games have had serious talks about the existence of an in-app payment system via email. Accordingly, with this feature, Epic Games will no longer have to pay 30% of the total revenue for Apple as it has done.

Fortnite Apple
A few days ago, Fortnite was kicked off Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney tried to persuade Apple to support the company and expand the conditions with iOS programmers in the development of independent payment systems. This millionaire said that the current system is not suitable at all. If game developers maintain their own direct payment methods, iOS users will just have to pay lower fees for the digital services and programmers can earn a lot of profits.

In the middle of August, Tim Sweeney and Epic Games filed a lawsuit against Android and Apple over a 30% App Store commission from in-app purchases. After that, Apple and Google removed Fortnite out of the App Store and Play Store. Tim Sweeney also further said that Epic Games will face off against Apple in a variety of fields including creativity, technical, business, and legal until there is any change, even after many years.

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