The newest pet in Free Fire, Falco, has the skill called Skyline Spree which can increase the speed of gliding during Skydive and the speed of diving after the parachute is open. Not only that, but the skill can apply to all team members.

On June 14, 2020, there was an awesome event that gives you the Falcon pet which was recently released on Free Fire for free. You can get just by logging in Free Fire on June 14.

Here are the 3 main advantages if you use a Falco as your pet:

  • Helps you land faster than others
  • If you are late in getting out of the plane, Falco can help you land quickly and catch up
  • Helps you to get closer to your destination in the littlest amount of time possible

Well, for those of you who like this pet, chekc out these following 3 tips that can make your Falco even more useful for you and the team.

3 Tips to Make Falco the Pet More Useful in Free Fire

Stay Away From Crowded Places

If you are looking for a simple descent, you don't need to use this pet because the benefit of using this pet is so that you and the team can get down faster than the enemy.

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However, if you want to land quickly and play aggressively, then you must use this pet. That way, you can start looting faster than the enemy. You can even kill the enemy while they are landing with their parachutes!

Play with Friends

As explained above, the skill of this pet applies to all teammates. That way, if you play squad and one of your team uses this pet, you also get the skill effect from Falco even if you don't use it yourself.

Squad Playing On Brasilia - Garena Free Fire - YouTube

Therefore, it is recommended to play duo or squad instead of playing solo.

Raise Pet's Level to Max

If you use this pet, you should raise the level of this pet to the maximum level first. If you really want to use this pet, you can use the skills of other pets on this Falco pet or you can feed this pet to the maximum level. This is because Falco's skill is insignificant if it is still at level 1.

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These were 3 helpful tips to help you maximize the utility of Free Fire newest pet Falco. For more gaming news, updates, and articles, check out our website at