Free Fire's 3rd anniversary, August 23, is pretty much around the corner - and Garena has finally revealed their exact plan for the big day. In this post, we would list out the upcoming events that are going to happen and how should you prepare for them.

1 - Time Tunnel x5 rewards

Free Fire's commemorate Time Tunnel event allow players to get rewards by reaching various milestones with Time Tokens. These items are acquired by doing exploration missions based on Free Fire's storyline. The main currency of this event is the Blue Chip, which can be used to spin the capsule and get exclusive prizes. Usually, the amount of Blue Chips you can get per day is limited but on August 23 you would be able to get 5x drops after every match... without any caps whatsoever. With August 23 being a Sunday - it is your chance to farm all the Blue Chip you need.

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2 - Clash Squad on all 4 new locations on Bermuda 2.0

Free Fire has been gradually unlocking the new locations for Clash Squad, with Aden's Creek, Academy, and Nurek Dam already unlocked. Tomorrow, the last location, Samurai's Garden, is going to be released as well.

3 - Hayato Firebrand available for unlock

86023 Hayato Firebrand Free Fire

The awakened form of Hayato is finally here - in this event, players would be able to claim a free Awakening Shard. This version of Hayato has an active skill called "art of blades", which reduces frontal damage taken from 40 to 60% for 6 seconds. The skill would end if Hayato fires a shot, however, so it is mostly useless.

4 - All Game Modes unlocked

All prior limited-time game modes would be unlocked just for the day. The list includes Cold Steel, Big Head, Nighthunter, Explosive Jump, Rampage... and more.

5 - Free Gifts and Rewards

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There would be a Cube Fragment Aftermatch Drop event, A Friend Callback Event, a free anniversary gift, and a ticket to redeem any character permanently.

Finally, people who vote on the August 22 Streamer Showdown would be able to get a number of rewards, including diamond vouchers. The vote would end at 3 PM IST, August 22 - so if you haven't voted yet, do it now.

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