Free Fire’s third anniversary is coming closer and closer, and with it, extra events are getting unlocked gradually. Yesterday, the Web Event section of the anniversary event has finally been opened. You have from now to August 30 to complete the event and collect all the free rewards.

How to access the event?

Free Fire 3rd Anniversary Web Event Access 1024x57

The Web event section is located at the bottom left of the Time Tunnel Lobby. In this event, you must collect 9 types of chips by spins - for every 3 unique chips you got, a stage would be unlocked. Each spin would give you 3 chips - you would have to complete daily quests to get more spins. It is possible to get multiple chips of the same color in a spin - you might have to roll multiple times to get all 3 tiers of rewards.

The daily tasks are:

  • Daily Login
  • Play 1 Game
  • Play 3 Games
  • Play 6 Games

What are the available rewards in the 3 stages?


The best thing about this is that you get to choose the 3 rewards, of course - so you would not get all duplicates. Those aforementioned rewards would be unlocked upon reaching the 3 different stages by getting 3/6/9 unique chips. Below is the stage rewards list:

Stage 1:

  • Egg Hunting Craze Surfboard
  • Diamond Voucher (x1)
  • Snowman’s Frenzy Surfboard
  • Haunted Moon Surfboard
  • Fiery Flames Surfboard

Stage 2:

  • Bunny Sidekick Backpack
  • Diamond Voucher (x2)
  • Snowman Sidekick Backpack
  • The Hungry Pumpkin Backpack
  • Crystal Soul Backpack

Stage 3:

  • Bunny Egghunter Bundle
  • Diamond Voucher (x3)
  • Lab Giant Bundle
  • Beach Lover Bundle
  • Bunny Maniac Bundle

How to get a missing chip from a friend?

Free Fire Web Event Lobby 1024x576

This event encourages you to trade the missing chips from friends who have duplicates of them, as getting everything from only 4 rolls is pretty hard. To ask for chips, Select the Ask button > Pick the chip you want to get, then share the screenshot.

To give a chip to a friend, select the "Give" button and pick a chip to generate a code. Have your friend use that code to transfer the chip.

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