Free Fire is celebrating its 7th Anniversary in the latest update OB45. It brings back many nostalgic features in the BR and CS mode on the Mini Peak Map. There are many attractive rewards for you. Check it out here!

#1. What Is Mini Peak

Mini Peak is the mini anniversary-themed floating map during the 7th anniversary of Garena Free Fire. It features Battle Royale (BR) and Clash Squad (CS) modes. Players must use one of four Memory Portals scattered around the map to access the Mini Peak.

The Memory Portals can send a full squad of 4 players to the anniversary map. It will close after 300 seconds. You can notice the portal countdown and locations of four portals in the minimap.

Free Fire Anniversary Event
Free Fire Anniversary Event Is Out!

#2. BR Mini Peak

Battle Royale on the Mini Peak brings you a nostalgic experience on an anniversary-themed map. When you enter the Mini Bermuda-inspired Peak, you will have an Ice Wall and a nostalgic shotgun - M1887. They are helpful and essential for your survival in the early phase of the game.

Moreover, you must try to defeat enemies or destroy gift boxes scattered around the event map to earn Memory Points. These points are used in the Hall of Honor - an exclusive hall in this anniversary update.

What is the Hall of Honor?

At a certain milestone of Memory Points, you can enter the Hall of Honor. Then, you can exchange these points to get nostalgic weapons or resources for survival and combat in that hall. There are portals inside the hall allowing players to teleport back to the ground.

Br Mini Peak
Highlights of BR Mini Peak

#3. CS Mini Peak

Like the BR mode on the Mini Peak map, the CS mode also features special gift boxes. In addition, you can use many nostalgic weapons in CS matches. Moreover, the Booyah effect and special music will make your victory more memorable. Here are some highlights of the CS Mini Peak mode.

  • Each player has a Gloo Wall.
  • Interact with the Supply Gadget to get more powerful weapons.
  • Break gift boxes on the map to get amazing supplies.

Moreover, Garena Free Fire introduced the highly-anticipated First-Person Perspective (FPP) in this update to bring you a more realistic experience.

Mini Peak
Things to experience in CS Mini Peak

#4. Exclusive Rewards & Features

There are many exclusive rewards for the 7th anniversary of Garena Free Fire, such as a 7th-anniversary Gloo Wall skin. In addition, there are many new features to experience in this anniversary patch, such as:

  • A new character - Kassie and reworked characters, including Kapella, Olivia, Skyler, and Nairi;
  • Character adjustments for the game balance;
  • New FGL-24 grenade launcher;
  • New Heal Pistol-Y;
  • Backpack optimization for life quality.

There are many adjustments and optimizations to improve your experience in this update. Just dive in and experience them. Don't miss the chance to obtain event-limited rewards and skins before they become invalid after this update.

7th Celebration
Claim exclusive 7th-anniversary rewards.

Those are highlights of the Garena Free Fire's 7th-anniversary update in 2024. It brings back many memories with amazing features. Dive into it and experience the nostalgic BR and CS games.

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