Hacking has always been a serious problem in all multiplayer shooter games and Free Fire is no exception. Since Free Fire is a hard game, many players can't stand the heat and used cheat to achieve victory.

Cheaters ruin the playing experience of many players

However, this action ruins the playing experience of many other players so Garena has given zero-tolerance toward it. No matter what kinds of cheat you are using, you will be banned permanently from the game.

A few days ago, Free Fire released a report on their Facebook fan page, showing that they have banned over  8.6 Lakh hack accounts in only 2 weeks. Surprisingly, the anti-cheat system of Free Fire only caught 54% of the cheaters while the rest were reported by players.

More than 8,6 lakh accounts were banned for cheating in the last 2 weeks

According to their charts, the most 3 common types of cheats are Auto-Aim (33%), Teleport(30%), and Through Wall(26%). It is almost impossible for any legit player to win a fight against these 3 types of cheats.

Auto-Aim, Teleport, and Through Wall are the 3 most common type of cheats

There are more than 42,000 accounts that were banned not for cheating but for playing with a cheater intentionally. Teaming up with a cheater is a common way for a cheater to rank up while avoiding the ban.

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Teaming up with a cheater is a common way for a cheater to rank up

Cheating will always be a problem in Free Fire as they can always develop more cheats that bypass the system and we can only run after them. The good news is that the number of cheaters actually reduced since the report in August where they banned more than 3 million cheaters in 2 weeks

However, it is still important that the community stays together to eliminate cheaters by reporting them because there is no system that can spot the cheater faster than the players themselves.

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