Free Fire is no doubt the most popular battle royale game on mobile with more than 500,000,000 downloads on Google Play Store, far exceed both PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty: Mobile. There is a good amount of reasons why it is so popular such as the unique character system, the pet system, low game requirement,...

Free Fire 2
Free Fire is a game that worth looking into

If you are looking into this game and want to try it, here is everything you need to know about the game before jumping in.

Free Fire Gameplay

You will be jumping from a plane down an abandoned island along with 49 other players. You will then have to pick up weapons spawned randomly on the ground and then fight until you either die or become the sole survivor. This is really intriguing and challenging concept, making every single victory you can get in Free Fire a satisfying one.

Free Fire Character

Garena Free Fire Ios Artwork New Character
Free Fire features a rich character system with many unique skills

Unlike PUBG Mobile where all players are the same when they enter the battlefield, in Free Fire, you can have your own character with different abilities to aid you in combats. The two first character Free Fire give you will not have any skill at all. You will need to purchase characters with a skill using the in-game currency called Diamond. When you own more than 2 characters, you can buy skill slots and make skill combos.

Always check the minimap

Free Fire Mini Map
Enemies within 50m will be shown on the minimap if they shoot their weapon

Whenever a player shot their weapon nearby, their position will be shown on the minimap. Not only their position but their firing direction will also be shown on the minimap. This means you can tell which direction they are facing and kill them from behind easily. This is commonly known as third-partying.

Detect enemies with your Scope

Your crosshair will glow red if there is an enemy

This is a unique feature of Free Fire. Whenever an enemy walks into your crosshair, the color of your crosshair will turn red. The map in Free Fire is quite large while the screen on your phone is small so it is a little bit difficult to spot enemies far away. This trick will help you scan the area around for enemies easily even if you don't see anyone.

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