Garena Free Fire is having a wonderful time in India, reaping constant successes. The game publisher, Garena, makes sure that players have more than enough in-game events to enjoy. For 2020 Halloween, the game adds the Light Up Bermuda event where players have the opportunity to earn free legendary skins, emotes, a magic cube bundle, and more.

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Join the Light Up Bermuda event

Light Up Bermuda Diwali Event in Free Fire

The Light Up Bermuda event starts on 30th October and will continue until 15th November. Users can collect Diya Tokens from 30th October to 13th November via various daily missions. Players can use these tokens to redeem free, permanent legendary gun skins, emotes, and consumable items from the Diwali store, which will open on 14th November.

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Dawali event calendar

Also, these Diya Tokens will be available worldwide. Players collect them to light up the Bermuda map; once this progress reaches to 100%, players will be able to claim the Magic Cube by logging in on 14th November. You can access the Diwali missions only on 14th November.

Here are all the rewards from the event:

Gun Skins (Players can redeem only one by exchanging 30 tokens)

  • AK- Flaming Red
  • MP40- Lightning Strike
  • Scar- Water Elemental
  • M4A1- Scorching Sands
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Check out the rewards you can get from the rewards

Emotes (Players can redeem only one by exchanging 20 tokens)

  • Shake With Me
  • Moon Flip
  • Party Dance


  • Pet Food
  • Gold Royale Voucher