Free Fire can sometimes feel a lot like real-life combat. And it's not a joke since military strategies can even be used in the game. Especially if you are playing in a squad, you can even consider that an "assault team". You can incorporate actual tactics to have the Free Fire best strategy!

Free Fire in real life 2019. - Free Fire Best Strategy

Even trained military members can teach how to do well in the game. But since most of us don't have that privilege, here is some Free Fire strategy you can use in the game right now. Pay attention to the following Free Fire game strategy and tactics and start getting more Booyahs!

⚔️ 1v1 Free Fire Best Strategy ⚔️

There are many people out there who do not know how to win one on one without luck and consistency. The truth is that 1v1 battle is not so easy and requires a lot of practice. Even so, you can apply the following tactics to learn faster:

Free Fire Attack Strategy

Be aggressive

Most TOP players are aggressive one-on-one. By this, we mean to go for the rival by shooting and moving strategically. For example, you can jump, duck, or execute any movement that makes it difficult for the enemy to eliminate you. Follow this Free Fire best strategy and you will start winning often!

Corner your rival

If you are aggressive and attack effectively, you are going to hurt the opponent and force him to heal. Will you wait for someone else to do it? No! Go after the enemy and finish him. The enemy will have two alternatives: try to flee or fight. If he tries to flee, it will be easy for you to eliminate him, and if he prefers to fight he will have a difficult battle.

Do not give your opponents a break, unless the conditions are not favorable for you. For example, if your health is very low, you ran out of ammunition, there are enemies approaching, etc.

Have a close-range weapon

Most one-on-one matches are at close range. If you don't have a fully functional weapon in such a case, you will certainly be at a disadvantage. A shotgun is a great choice.

Garena Free Fire: Free Fire Best Strategy

Free Fire New Strategy 2020

Use the gloo wall and fragmentation grenades

Many 1v1 battles are defined by grenades. They are super useful because with them you can bombard your opponent, leaving him without freedom of movement. If he runs away, you can shoot at him, and if he stays in place, you know what will happen.

Gloo wall grenades are also very useful in open fields. With them, you can protect yourself from gunshots, heal yourselves, block your enemies. However, for our Free Fire new strategy 2020, we suggest now relying on Gloo walls too much because of the M82B anti-Gloo rifle!

Shoot before the opponent comes out

Imagine that you know where your rival is hiding. If you are in a confrontation with him, you have to try to guess where he will appear. When you guess, start shooting at the right moment, regardless of whether the enemy is out yet. In this way, you will gain an advantage over him, but you will also lose some bullets. Keep in mind that it is a double-edged strategy.

Use fragmented grenades strategically

We already explained it a little earlier. But this tactic is for more disadvantageous situations. When you face a single opponent, you can use the grenades to bombard him, but if you do not have as many, it may not be possible.

Garena free fire all grenade skins Free Fire Best Strategy

Sometimes you only have a single grenade and you will have to use it wisely. One way to do this is to wait for the enemy to hide behind a tree and throw it at his side, then attack with bursts of gunfire from the other side.

👪 Duo/Squad Free Fire Best Strategy 👪

Playing in duos or squads feels very close to real-life combat. This type of match is where actual military strategies can be applied. Let's take a look at some of them:

Free Fire Best Strategy 

Don't all go together, but don't stray too far either

This, more than a strategy, is a tip: don't get too close together, but don't stray too far either. If you get close together, your team will be an easy target for the enemy. You can be cornered or eliminated with a grenade. If you get too far apart then you will be numerically disadvantaged.

Use lures to attract your rivals and ambush them. Another strategy of this style is to let one of your friends go inspect an area. Always remember to communicate by a microphone, so that your partner can notify you if it is safe or not.

Everyone has a role in the team

In Free Fire, there are various characters with different abilities. If you are going to play in a squad, try to make a good combination between the abilities of each character, and from there, distribute a role for each one. For example, there are healing characters, and such a player cannot face the enemy since their role will be to heal their friends.

Free Fire best strategy

If it is a character like Andrew, who is ideal for melee, he will have the role of being in charge of eliminating rivals at close range. Pay attention to being an efficient duo or squad. All of you must also agree to their role since each one is equally important. Think and work as a team.

Pay attention to the game compass

In the upper center area of ​​the screen, there is a compass. In solo matches, its use is not as important as in group matches. Imagine that enemies are shooting at you, but you cannot see them, at that moment you must look at the compass and indicate to your companions where they are attacking you from.

If you are a decoy, it is a useful strategy to find the hiding place of the rest of your opponents.

Protect your colleagues

You always have to think of your colleagues as if they were you. If anyone is wounded, give him healing, if he is being attacked, protect him. Share the weapons and everything you get equally.

Free Fire Best Strategy

Be useful while you are down

When you fall to the ground, don't think that you are useless. Even in that situation, you can serve your friends. Always be on the move, because you can be valuable as a shield. To do that you only have to face your colleagues and get hit by bullets. You will sacrifice yourself, but at least you will ensure the life of your colleagues.

Free Fire best strategy

In addition to serving as a shield, it is advisable that you always move. Any player in Free Fire can heal another even from a distance. As you move, you will start getting healed. Keep moving until you can find a safe place.

A tip to heal a teammate without being exposed to many risks is to do so behind a window or fence. You will avoid being killed because you will be protected.

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