Free Fire is known for creating many events frequently for players to enjoy and get many cool rewards.

This time, they just released another new event for the Free Fire x Money Heist collaboration called "Crack The Safe".  As usual, players who join the event will have a chance to get the grand prize, which is the MasterMind Bundle, along with other interesting rewards.

However, this event might be a little bit confusing for some people at first so we will explain everything about this Crack The Safe event to you and show you how to get Free Fire Crack The Safe Code.

Free Fire Crack The Safe Event Explained

In the event, you need to get the right number to open safe to get rewards. In order to earn guesses, you need to play matches in Free Fire. You will get 1 guess for each match played. You can get a total of 10 guesses a day max.

Free Fire Crack The Safe level 1
The Level 1 safe will have 1 digit code (0 to 9), which is quite easy to get

There will a clue for the right code number. The first clue is "The code is between 0 and 9", which is quite obvious. However, the clue will be narrowed once you make a wrong guess.

 Free Fire Crack The Safe rule
The range in the clue will be narrowed once you make a wrong guess
Free Fire Crack The Safe rewards
You will get rewards if you enter the right code number of the safe

But that is not all, there are still Level 2 and Level 3 code that will be revealed in a few days. Higher-level Safes will offer more valuable rewards while also being harder to guess the right code.

The code for Level 2 safe will have 2 digits (0 to 99), which is a total of 100 codes.

The code for Level 3 safe has 3 digits (0 to 999), which is a total of 100 codes.

 Free Fire Crack The Safe level 2
There will be 2 other safes that will be unlocked in the next few days

There is also a secret safe that you will need to unlock yourself. In order to unlock the secret safe, you need to get a secret code and ask 3 of your friends to enter it. The secret safe is where you can get the MasterMind Bundle. The code for the secret safe will have 4 digits (0 to 9,999), which is a total of 10,000 codes.

 Free Fire Crack The Safe secret
You need the help of 3 friends in order to open the secret safe in this event

How to get the right Free Fire Crack The Safe Code

The Level 1 Safe code only has a range from 0 to 9 so anyone can guess the code easily after 2 to 3 guesses.

However, Crack the Safe Level 2 code has a range from 0 to 99, which will cost you a lot of guesses if you don't have the right method.

Here, I will show you a way for you to guess the right code number using exactly 7 guesses or fewer. This is a very popular algorithm and if you are into coding, you might have already known this. Now, let's start:

  • First, input the number 50 and then Enter. It is likely to be wrong, but that's is ok.
Free Fire Crack The Safe Code
For the Level 2 Safe, you will start with the number 50
  • Now the Clue will change into either 51 to 99 or 0 to 50. Your next step is to input the middle number and then enter. In this case, it is 25 or 75.
 Free Fire Crack The Safe Code
If the Clue is from 51 to 99 the pick the number 75 next
  • If your guess is wrong, keep choosing the number in the middle of the range and in the worst case, you will be left with 2 numbers after 6 guesses. But you have to be really unlucky.
 Free Fire Crack The Safe Code
After about 6 guesses you will be able to get the prize from the Level 2 Safe

This method is the most optimal method for all the Safe even the Level 3 Safe and the Level 4 Safe.

In the case of the Level 3 Safe, there is a total of 1,000 codes in total and it will take you about 9 guesses to get to the right number using this method.

The Level 4 Safe has a range from 0 to 9999. That means there is a total of 10,000 codes. The rule for this secret code is still the same so it should easy to get it if you have many guesses and the right strategy. By picking the number in the middle, you can eliminate half the numbers of codes every time and guaranteed to get the right code after 12 tries or so.

mastermind bundle
You can get all the prizes with around 30- 40 guesses

Just make sure that you finish 10 matches in Free Fire every day so you can get as many guesses as possible. In total, you will need about 30 to 40 guesses to get all the rewards in this event.

Also, the code for each Safe for each player is different so there is no use trying the code of other players and waste your guess.

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