Garena Free Fire has now been dominating the Indian mobile Battle Royale scene since the ban on PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite. Inheriting the lions' share from the classic title, Free Fire enjoys a continuous influx of new players to its already booming community. The publisher Garena also knows how to keep users engaged. And that's exactly what they plan to do with the Free Fire Elite Pass Season 30.

Ss 30 Ff Sing
The Season 30 Elite Pass will take the music theme

If you're familiar with the title, you'll certainly know that Free Fire has a tradition to introduce beautiful cosmetic items. Each new season or update, there is at least one new item coming to the game. On top of that, every month, players get a brand new Elite Pass to grind for. The 29th Pass has just been released, and Garena takes no time to confirm the Season 30 Elite Pass.

Like all the previous passes in Garena Free Fire, the Season 30 Elite Pass will bring a plethora of new items to the game. They include gun skins, backpack skins, banners, avatars, costumes, emotes, and so much more. Let's check out the details on the Free Fire next Elite Pass Season 30.

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 30 Release Date

As usual, the Season 30 Elite Pass will be released in Garena Free Fire at the beginning of the month, right after the 29th concludes. That means we would be expecting its introduction on November 1st, 2020 since the Season 29 Elite Pass has hit the live server for October. Take some time to check it out. There are free items to grab also! You don't have to pay a premium to get all the rewards.

Music Theme Ff Ss 30
The Pass will come to Free Fire this November

And one more thing, three days before the Elite Pass' release, it will be put on pre-order. You can book a pass in advance for some exclusive bonus rewards.

Season 30 Elite Pass Theme

According to several news sources, the upcoming Elite Pass of Garena Free Fire will take the theme of music. It may be called "Music Time", and draw inspiration from the hip-hop culture. So if you're a fan of this music genre yourself, it's time to save up some money! Remember to pre-order the Elite Pass for a hefty injection of bonus items.

First Reward Elite Pass
The items will follow the music star concept!

Season 30 Elite Pass Rewards

If you're in the game for long enough, you will know that each season brings two genres of rewards: free and Elite. The free option is available for all players to grab, in other words, a free-to-play option. On the other hand, the Elite Pass must be purchased with Diamonds but more rewarding. Players can claim the gifts upon reaching a certain level, called a badge, in the Pass. Check out the possible rewards of the bocoran Elite Pass Season 30 Free Fire below:

Free Pass Rewards

As we mentioned before, the Free Pass is available for every player to take in Garena Free Fire. The Season 30 Pass will follow the theme of music and the items draw inspiration from the hip-hop culture. Don't miss your chance to get these FREE items, starting November 2020.

Truck Skin Elite
The Elite Pass is where you should invest in!
  • #1 New Avatar - 5 Badges
  • #2 Jacket - 40 Badges
  • #3 T-shirt - 110 Badges
  • #4 Banner - 150 Badges
  • #5 Backpack - 200 Badges

Elite Pass Rewards

Now we've got to the interesting part. Though you will have to pay Diamonds to purchase the Elite Pass, the rewards it brings are definitely worth it. And with the Season 30 Elite Pass in Free Fire, players can indulge in the world of musicians, decorated with gold and diamonds. Prepare to take your "swag" to the world! It's "Music Time". Check out these beautiful items from the Elite Pass rewards:

  • #1 Normal Jacket - 0 Badge (Acquire instantly upon buying the Elite Pass)
  • #2 Bat Skin - 10 Badges
  • #3 Monster Truck Skin - 15 Badges
  • #4 Banner - 30 Badges
Lv50 Bundle
The Female Bundle unlocks at 50 Badges
  • #5 Avatar - 40 Badges
  • #6 Female Bundle - 50 Badges
  • #7 Treatment Gun Skin - 80 Badges
Treatment Gun Skin
Check out this Treatment Gun Skin
  • #8 Surfboard - 100 Badges
  • #9 Banner - 115 Badges
  • #10 Grenade Skin - 125 Badges
  • #11 Avatar - 135 Badges
  • #12 Loot Crate - 150 Badges
  • #13 Backpack - 200 Badges
  • #14 Male Bundle - 225 Badges (Ultimate Reward)
Male Bundle
The Male Bundle is definitely worth the grind

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 30 Price

There has not been any confirmation from Garena's side regarding the Elite Pass price. But we can expect it to be of the same level as the previous passes in the game. To be more specific, the Season 30 Elite Pass may cost 499 Diamonds. Players can purchase the Elite Bundle for 999 Diamonds. If you're still not clear about the difference between the Elite Pass and the Elite Bundle, check out our chart right below:

Elite Pass Benefits:

  • Daily Gold Limite increases by 100
  • Nickname highlighted in Glorious Red when getting a kill
  • Unlock Elite Challenges to gain more badges
  • The total value of 10,000 Diamonds

Elite Bundle Benefits:

  • Daily Gold Limite increases by 100
  • Nickname highlighted in Glorious Red when getting a kill
  • Unlock Elite Challenges to gain more badges
  • The total value of 10,000 Diamonds
  • Get 50 Badges instantly
  • Unlock exclusive avatar border
  • Get tons of exclusive rewards
Lv3 Backpack Skin
The level 3 Backpack Skin looks like a boombox jetpack

That concludes our guide to Free Fire Elite Pass Season 30. Please note that these are leaked information from the game publisher. The official release may be a little bit different from what we have here today. For more updates into Garena Free Fire, visit our website at