The Diamond Royale is a lucky spin in the Luck Royale in Free Fire. It is one of the places where you can get the latest bundle. For your information, the Diamond Royale resets and changes the featured Grand Prize every 20 days, replacing the old one.

A new Diamond Royale has just arrived and this time, it features the Enchanted Fable bundle as the Grand Prize.

Enchanted Fable Diamond Royale
The Enchanted Fable Diamond Royale has just arrived in Free Fire with a new Grand Prize.

Free Fire Enchanted Fable Diamond Royale

Event duration: December 13 to January 3

Since the previous Diamond Royale featured the Doctor Scarlette female bundle, this time there will be a male bundle called the Enchanted Fable bundle. This bundle will turn you into a barb with a white shirt, purple cape, feather hat, and a lyre. Overall, this is a beautiful bundle to obtain.

The Enchanted Fable bundle consists of 5 parts:

  • Enchanted Fable Top
  • Enchanted Fable Bottom
  • Enchanted Fable Shoes
  • Enchanted Fable Head
  • Enchanted Fable Mask
Free Fire Enchanted Fable Diamond Royale
You can spin the Diamond Royale using Diamonds or Diamond Royale Voucher.

To spin the Diamond Royale, players need to use Diamonds or Diamond Royale Vouchers. Players can spin once for 60 Diamonds or 11 times for 600 Diamonds. Every time you don't spin on the Grand Prize, your Luck Quotient will increase by 1, giving you more chance to get the Grand Prize in the next spin. The Luck Quotient carries over to the next Diamond Royale. It reset to 0 whenever you get the Grand Prize.

Other than the Enchanted Fable bundle, there are many other prizes in the Diamonds Royale such as Magic Cube, Magic Cube Fragment, Meolithick bundle, Paleolithic bundle,...

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