After the ban of PUBG Mobile in India, Free Fire got a huge surge of players downloading the game. There were 2.1 million players downloaded Free Fire in just 4 days after the PUBG Mobile ban from September 2 to September 5. Call of Duty Mobile also got the same experience as the game got 1.15 million downloads on Google Play Store and App Store.

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Free Fire got 2.1 million downloads in 4 days thanks to the ban of PUBG Mobile in India

Another game actually got even more downloads than Call of Duty Mobile even though it is just a classic board game and not a battle royale game. That game was Ludo King. It got up to 1.52 million downloads during the same period of time.

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While Call of Duty Mobile got the least number of downloads out of three on Google Play Store, it has become the top app on the App Store. It seems that Apple users see Call of Duty Mobile as the better option because iPhone smartphones can actually handle the game while Android users prefer a lighter game like Free Fire.

Many PUBG Mobile pro players, streamers such as Scout and MortaL are also exploring many different titles such as Call of Duty a Free Fire on their stream because the PUBG Mobile ban this time seems to be very serious.

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ScoutOP has tried playing many different games on his stream including Free Fire

In other news, PUBG Corp has officially broken the partnership with Tencent so Tencent won't have anything to do with PUBG Mobile India anymore. However, the final call still belongs to the Indian government. It is not guaranteed that PUBG Mobile will get unbanned anytime soon even if Tencent is removed.

But even if PUBG Mobile stayed banned in India, lots of people in India have tried to go around the ban by playing the PUBG Mobile Korean version, which works perfectly normal in India.

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