PUBG Mobile offers many kinds of vehicles to traverse the territories. Especially, it's very important in large maps such as Erangel and Miramar. To get Chicken Dinner, you need to master all skills including driving skills. Here are some must-know diving tactics you need to master. Check them out.

Must-Know Driving Tactics In PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is a realistic battle royale game that requires players to have shooting, survival, driving skills, and a great strategy. Among them, driving skills are also important to help players win the game and get Chicken Dinner, especially on huge maps, such as Erangel and Miramar. Check out these pro diving tactics in this game.

  • Slow down when driving off-road. If you maintain the speed or speed up when driving down a slope, the vehicle's health will be decreased. Moreover, you can get difficulty in controlling the vehicle and cause accidents.
Use Vehilce To Traverse Large Maps
Use Vehicles To Traverse Large Maps
  • Only boost on the open road because driving fast through trees can be tough.
  • If you drive strong and large vehicles like trucks or tanks, it runs more slowly.
  • If you need to go fast, choose a motorbike.
Use Motorbike To Go Fast
Use A Motorbike To Go Fast
  • In Sanhok, there is an exclusive vehicle Tuk-tuk. But it's not a good choice if you get other options. This 3-wheel vehicle is slow, hard to drive, and very weak.
  • Get familiar with exclusive vehicles and choose them if you get a number of options. It's because these exclusive vehicles are the most suitable for the territories of those maps.
  • The key tactic to stop the vehicle quickly is slamming the side of your car or motorbike to a wall or tree. You and your car will take no damage from the crash.
Slam The Side Of The Car To Stop Without Taking Damage
Slam The Side Of The Car On The Wall To Stop Without Taking Damage
  • You can find the vehicles alongside the roads and trails. Moreover, they are also spawned in some garages.
  • If you engage in combat on open ground with no cover, destroy your car to make the cover to shoot. But you need to step back or the explosion can cause you damage.
Damage Your Car To Make A Cover
Destroy Your Car To Make A Cover
  • Damage the tires if you want to stop the enemies. You can also spray bullets to destroy the enemies' vehicles to kill them.
  • Switch seat to surprise the enemies and shoot them from the back seat while the car is still running.