Free Fire's OB 26 update for February 2021 is going to hit the live server very soon. While people would probably be attracted to the flashy new characters, weapons and pets more, there are still some other changes worth noting in the patch.

Mini Drone
Mini Drone

The new item, Mini Drone, is one of them. In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about this drone.

1 - About the Update

The Mini Drone would be added to both Classic and Ranked Mode from Feb 4, 2021 onwards, as soon as the OB 26 version is out. This would be a permanent addition and won't be removed after the events are over.

Mini Drone

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2 - About the mini drone

This is a scouting drone that can scan the area it passes and reveal enemies inside buildings. If you are not sure whether or not a house is safe, you can just send a drone over to check for hostiles. This scouting tool would be super useful in ranked... as players usually camp at hard to detect places inside buildings. Rushers would have a big advantage now without having to worry about campers.

Mini Drone Ff Como Funciona

Drone control is fairly simple - you can just direct it toward the direction you want to fly over. The mini-drone has a shorter range than the previous version, the normal drone. Apparently, it is about 60% of the original.

During tests on the Advanced Server, the mini Drone can be found as loot all over the Free Fire map, however, Garena said later that in the real version you have to buy them in the Vending Machines using tokens.

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