Free Fire just has a collaboration with the Colombian singer and rapper J Balvin. This collaboration has brought us a new J Balvin Royale event, where we can get limited edition bundles and pet skins. Lets' check out these new bundles and how to get them in this article.

J Balvin Royale
Free Fire J Balvin Royale event is now available in the game with many exclusive prizes.

Free Fire J Balvin Royale event

Event duration: January 18 to January 22 

The Free Fire J Balvin Royale is a lucky spin in the Luck Royale system. It features several limited edition items as the Grand Prizes including:

  • Everything Goes bundle
  • Prismatic Energy bundle
  • This Is Me top
  • For My People top
  • A Crazy World backpack
  • Prismatic Flow Yeti pet skin
  • Prismatic Force Beannie
  • Up Here hat (male)
  • Up Here hat (female)
J Balvin Royale 1
There are various bundles and skins in the J Balvin Royale.

Players can spin once for 40 Diamonds or 11 times for 400 Diamonds. The Grand Prizes will be removed from the pool once obtained. Each time you didn't spin on one of the Grand Prizes, your luck quotient will increase by 1 to give you more chance in the next spins.

There are also Crown Tokens in the spin. Players can exchange these Crown Tokens in the Redeem section of the in-game store to get any of the Grand Prizes. Here are the details:

  • Everything Goes bundle - 50 Crown Tokens
  • Prismatic Energy bundle - 50 Crown Tokens
  • This Is Me top - 20 Crown Tokens
  • For My People top - 20 Crown Tokens
  • A Crazy World backpack - 15 Crown Tokens
  • Prismatic Flow Yeti pet skin - 15 Crown Tokens
  • Prismatic Force Beannie - 15 Crown Tokens
  • Up Here hat (male) - 10 Crown Tokens
  • Up Here hat (female) - 10 Crown Tokens

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