Bermuda Remastered or Bermuda 2.0 has been teased by Garena for quite awhile. During Free Fire’s 3rd anniversary celebration a few months ago, some map locations were made available in the Clash Squad mode... and were removed after the event ended.

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Fans have been waiting for the map ever since. Finally, Garena revealed the exact release date for the map: 1/1/2021. In this article, we would list out all the notable changes in Bermuda Remastered.

1 - New locations added to the map

Nurek Dam

This structure would be a platform over the water of the big river in the north part of the island - it would be a big vantage point to overlook the area. The best zone for snipers.

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The Academy is located on the Northwestern side of the map, near the main road. The final structure of the area is not revealed yet - but it would have two big buildings and various large warehouses in the vicinity.

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Aden's Creek

Aden's Creek would replace Rim Nam Village completely - the main theme of the location would still be a fishing village, however.

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Samurai's Garden

This is just an upgraded version of Sentosa with a different theme and layout - you should not expect too many changes here.

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2 - Removed locations

Overall, the least popular locations in Free Fire like the Graveyard, Riverside and Bullseye get removed... while Rim Nam village and Sentosa get an upgrade.

  • Graveyard
  • Bullseye
  • Rim Nam Village
  • Riverside
  • Sentosa

The Scythe has also been brought back to the game as well... as an exclusive drop for Bermuda Remastered. The map update would be 85 MB - you can download it in the download center after it is available.

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