Free Fire is a popular battle royale game on mobile published by Garena in 2017. Into the game, 50 players are dropped into an abandoned island to pick up items, weapons, and fight until there is only 1 survivor left. Garena releases new updates for the game frequently with new skins and new features to keep players hooked up to the game.

Now, as 2020 is coming to an end, Garena is ready for the Free Fire new update 2021 called The New Beginning. This update will come to Free Fire on January 1, 2021.

Free Fire New Update 2021
Bermuda 2.0 will come to Free Fore in the next update

Here is everything we know so far about The New Beginning update Free Fire. As the first update of 2021, we can expect that this will be a huge update with many changes to the game.

1. Bermuda 2.0 Is Coming

Bermuda 2.0 is the revamped version of the maps Bermuda with new locations, buildings, features, and better graphics.

Hi Survivors!

The New Beginning is just right around the corner. Which means it's time for The New Bermuda! Make sure you stay tuned to Free Fire until the end of the year to celebrate and to convey a new journey with us with the new Bermuda!

The Bermuda 2.0 map was teased to Free Fire players a few months ago in the OB23 update and was planned to be released on the update but the devs didn't make it in time. The new map will have 4 new locations, replacing old locations.

Samurai's Garden

The Samurai's Garden is a location in Bermuda 2.0 that was inspired by the capital city of Japan, Tokyo. In this location, you will find iconic buildings and structures from japan such as their wooden houses and gates as well as beautiful cherry blossom trees.

Bermuda 2 0 Free Fire 4

This location is fit for mid to long-range combats as the distances among houses are pretty far away. Also, there are two-stories buildings around the area for sniper players to camp.

Nurek's Dam

This place is located on a big river in the north of the map. It has a high latitude so you will be able to look around easily and snipe other people. However, inside the area are a lot of small spaces with doors, stairs, and corners, so SMGs and shotguns will be very effective here.

Bermuda 2 0 Free Fire 5

Aden's Creek

Aden's Creek will be the replacement for Rim Nam Village in Bermuda 2.0. It is a sea village with mostly small 1-story wooden houses.

Bermuda 2 0 Free Fire 8

Bermuda 2 0 Free Fire 6


Academy is located at the northwest of the map. This location is the perfect place for players who love using sniper rifles. There are many high platforms in the area as well as much open spaces so players need to be really careful roaming around this area.

Bermuda 2 0 Free Fire 9

2. Free Fire x One Punch Man Collaboration

The Free Fire new update 2021 will also bring a new collaboration with the popular anime series One Punch Man. This is the first time ever Free Fire collaborate with an anime series.

For people who don't know, One Punch Man is a fun superhero parody anime series about a guy who has unlimited strength that he only needs 1 punch to defeat any enemy. Despite his strength, he doesn't really care about anything other than being a hero for fun while everyone around him is super serious about everything.

 Free Fire New Update 2021
Free Fire is going to collaborate with One Punch Man

This collaboration will bring the game 2 new emotes, 2 new bundles, and weapon skins. Let's check them out below.

2 new emotes

The Free Fire x One Punch Man collaboration will bring players 2 new emotes called “I’m Saitama!” and “Obliteration”. One emote will turn you into an egg head with the face of Saitama and the other will perform a  powerful punch.

 Free Fire New Update 2021

Free Fire New Update 2021

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3 new bundles

The 3 new bundles in this collaboration are male bundles that will let you turn into Saitama and Genos. You can wear Saitama signature hero or his blue pijama.

Free Fire E One Punch Man Vazaram Os Novos Pacotes

Pacote Pijama Do Saitama Free Fire 2cb3

Pacote Genos Free Fire C840

2 new weapon skins

There will be also 2 new weapon skins for M1887 and M4A1.

The M1887 One Punch Man skin increases the damage and magazine size of the weapon while reducing its reload speed. Not a very powerful skin, but it look quite funny.

One Punch Man M1887 Skin

The M4A1 Genos skin makes the weapon look absolutely badass and it is also super strong as well. It gives the weapon 2 rate of fire buffs and one damage buff while reducing its magazine. However, the M4A1 just got nerfed a little bit so it won't be as overpower as before anymore.

Ma1 Genos

Skin Genos M4a1 Free Fire 3a6d

Gloo Wall skin

There will be also a One Punch Man Gloo Wall skin with an image of Saitama throwing his punch.

One Punch Man Gloo Wall Skin

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