It is almost the end of the year 2020. It has been a rough year that no one could have been able to predict. Lots of ups and downs have happened that reshaped the gaming scene in India in a lot of ways.

Here, in this article, we are going to list the top 5 most impactful events of the Indian gaming scene in 2020.

1. Coronavirus outbreak canceled multiple esports tournaments

The year 2020 started off with bad news for the whole world, the coronavirus outbreak. The global pandemic caused all public events, including esports tournaments around the world, to be canceled so the virus won't spread further.

Pmco 2019
Many esports tournaments have been canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic

The PMPL South Asia was postponed when it was only a week in. The tournament was canceled indefinitely. A few months after that, when the pandemic seemed to be only getting worse,  PUBG Mobile had to change the format of the tournament into an online tournament instead.

Free Fire had a big plan for the esports scene of 2020 but then the Free Fire Championship 2020, the Free Fire World Series 2020, was also canceled. The Free Fire World Series 2020 was later replaced with the Free Fire Continental Series.

2. Carryminati vs Mortal showdown

Carryminati are Mortal the two most beloved PUBG Mobile Mobile content creator in India and fans can't wait to see them fight against each other. Carryminati started with a challenge video and Mortal replied with also a video. The stream of the showdown attracted more than 200 thousand concurrent viewers at peak.

As for the results, MortaL won easily since he was a pro player, but they have put on a good show for the viewers. Mortal let the first 2 matches to end with a draw and then go all out in the last match and completely dominated Carryminati.

3. Multiple Free Fire pro caught cheating during online tournaments

While everyone was staying home because of the pandemic, Garena held multiple online Free Fire tournaments for viewers to entertain and for players to complete. However, many Free Fire pro players and streamers have decided to use cheat in these tournaments to win.

Maxresdefault 3
A member of team Nawabzaade was banned because of cheating

A total of 38 players caught cheating in the Free Fire Scrims War and the Free Fire Streamer Battle and it was baffling to the whole community. Even players in big teams such as Entity Gaming (Team Nawabzaade)and TSG Army are included.

Team Nawabzaade was the champion of the Free Fire India Today 2019 and was the best Free Fire team in India. This controversy sparked the question about the results they made in the past. As soon as the news came out. Entity Gaming has immediately released Team Nawabzaade from their organization.

After this incident, Free Fire has seriously improved their anti-cheat system. Esports is where the best talents are showcased and the stake is high. Cheatings shouldn't even happen in tournaments like this ever because it will completely ruin it for both viewers and players.

4. Orange Rock went 2nd place in the PMWL East 2020 Season Zero

Since the pandemic prevented LAN esports tournaments from being held. PUBG Mobile has come up with an idea to hold the PMWL Season Zero, an online tournament with huge prize pools for teams to compete. The PMWL East 2020 Season Zero is a hard division since it had strong PUBG Mobile teams such as BIGETRON RA, RRQ Athena.

Maxresdefault 8459
Orange Rock went second in the PMWL South Asia thanks to the addition of ScoutOP

While Indian PUBG Mobile teams were never performing well on the big international stage, this time was an exception. Orange Rock finished the tournament as the runner-up and TSM-Entity finished in 6th place. It was a big step for the Indian PUBG Mobile esports scene as it showed that they were strong enough to finally go toe to toe with the big guys.

ScoutOP contributed a big part to this victory. Even though he didn't show good results while he was in Fnatic, he proved that he was still one of the best PUBG Mobile players in India through this achievement.

5. PUBG Mobile ban with 117 other Chinese apps

Due to the conflict with China, the Indian government has decided to ban Chinese apps that might potentially harmful to national security. In the second ban wave, PUBG Mobile along with 117 other Chinese apps has been banned at the start of September.

Just when the PUBG Mobile scene in India was thriving, the game was banned. While casual players might find different ways to get around the ban, the pro scene is pretty much dead because pro teams cannot participate in tournaments. Streamers and YouTubers also have to find other games so they can stream and make content.

Maxresdefault 2
PUGB Mobile is officially banned with 117 other Chinese apps by the Indian government

After that, PUBG Mobile has been trying to get back to India by cutting ties with Tencent, form a new company in India. They made an exclusive PUBG Mobile version for Indian players with features that will comply with the rule of the authority. PUBG Mobile India also has its own official website.

They announced the return of the game in November with a teaser and it is expected to be released in Diwali. However, the game is still nowhere to be found even weeks after the announcement.

Since they don't have the approval of the government yet, they cannot release PUBG Mobile in India. Things are not looking and the community is starting to lose hope about the return of the game.

When will PUBG Mobile India be released? No one knows that is if the game can be released at all.

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