Free Fire's OB24 Update is almost here - and with the new update, Garena has released an Advance Server Beta test so that dedicated fans could try out the new features and test for bugs. Amongst the new features that are going to be added, characters are probably the most hyped for by Free Fire fans - and in OB24, a new character named Dasha is going to join the roster of Free Fire. She would be the 30th character released in the game.

Nova Personagem Diana No Free Fire Confira A Habil
New Character Dasha in Free Fire

1 - Dasha Backstory

Dasha is an "environmentalist" who's always going around campaigning to preserve the environment. However, life has other plans for her. After "redecorating" the statue of a war hero with flowers and other plants to celebrate Earth Day, Dasha was arrested by the authorities and imprisoned... and eventually shipped to the Free Fire island. About the act, Dasha insists that it does not harm anyone and therefore her arrest is wrong.

2 - Free Fire Dasha Design

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"Packing girl" set of Diana

Overall, Dasha is somewhat similar to Steffie - she's a rebellious young adult who spends all day going around and causing trouble. Her outfit is really stylish and sexy, with exposed navel and shoulders.

3 - Dasha's ability "Wild Ride"

Looks like this is going to be one of the "overpowered" characters that Garena tends to release these days, just like DJ Alok. Dasha's ability has 3 effects:

  • Reduce recoil while moving
  • Reduce damage taken while moving
  • Reduce fall damage and recovery time after falling

Actually, on second thoughts, the first part of the skill is actually pretty useless. Most people would either stand still, crouch or prone to fire their weapons in order to keep the cursor stable. Unlike shooters on PC, it is really hard to run and gun in mobile unless the target is really close.

The skill probably would reduce recoil and damage taken by 12% at level 8 - along with a possible -80% fall damage and fall recovery time

The second part of skill still reduces damage while moving... so there is that. That part of the ability is actually not useless at all, as enemies often shoot at you while you are on the move.

Lastly, while the "reduce recovery time after a fall" part is pretty much useless, the "fall damage removal" is somewhat situationally useful - you can jump from tall places without any fear.

Overall, the character is going to be middle-tier - nowhere as powerful as Alok but still merit some niche usages. Interested in more of our articles related to Garena Free Fire? Please check out this post to find out more about Free Fire's level up reward system.