Free Fire is completely free to play - and because of that, it has to get people to pay for cosmetics. However, they still throw a bone towards the completely f2p player every so often - the Free Fire level up rewards system is probably one of the two ways for f2p players to get items. In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about the level up system in Free Fire and what kind of rewards you could get from it.

level up rewards in free fire
Level up reward in free fire is one of the best systems in game that would give you valuable items for no cost

1 - About Free Fire's level system

The player level system in Free Fire is pretty much the same thing as other games - the more games you play, the more experience points you get and the faster you would level up. It also serves as a type of gateway to separate new players from older ones so that everyone could get the best experience (new players might get stomped by older ones). Even unranked matchmaking is partly segregated by levels - you would rarely see a super low level player if you are at 50 or 60+.

free fire level up rewards list
Free fire level up rewards list - the first few levels are the most important

As your account level up, you would gradually unlock game features - your account need to be at least level eight to unlock ranked matchmaking. 4 characters can be unlocked after leveling up (after you spend some coins, of course): Andrew, Maxim, Paloma and Kelly would be unlocked at level 3, 6, 8 and 10 respectively. A random reward would be unlocked after every time you level up.

2 - Free Fire Level Up Rewards?

Actually, there is no precise level up rewards list for Free Fire, as the range of rewards you could get from leveling up is just too high. From some useless 3 days shirt to a legendary gun skin or even a diamond only character. The general rule is that the higher your level, the better the tier of the rewards. Low level players are less likely to get permanent items and such - for diamond only items and character drops... well, those are exceedingly rare.

free fire level up rewards list 2020
Free Fire level up rewards list 2020 - You can even get Alok by leveling up (the chances are super low, however)

The drop tier for items maxed out at about level 50 - 60. They can't afford to increase this indefinitely after all - players would get too many rare items for free if that was the case.

3 - How to level up fast in Free Fire?

Play ranked

The fastest way to gain experience in Free Fire is playing exclusively ranked mode. For the added difficulty in combat, you would get a 20 percent boost in experience gained. To get a fast start in Free Fire, just switch into ranked immediately after you hit level 8. Outside of this exp bonus, there are no other ways to increase the pace of your leveling except for winning games.

free fire 58 level up rewards
Playing ranked is the easiest way to gain Free Fire level up rewards

How to survive in ranked?

Overall, there is an exceedingly low number of bots in Ranked - you would meet real players all the time, which makes the game much harder. For a faster time grinding levels, it is better to just play ranked solo. Team or duo games can drag for a long period of time due to the ability to revive teammates.

Priority survival before getting kills if you are at lower levels - there is plenty of time to score more kill afterward. You would get extra experience ranked rewards for each Booyah!

4 - Level up Pass

Diamonds in Free Fire are fairly expensive - players need to pay INR 80 for 100 diamonds, INR 250 for 310 diamonds...etc - they are the only way to obtain some exclusive items. The Level Up Pass is one of the few worthwhile ways to acquire diamonds, as it mathematically gives you 4 times more rewards for the same amount of money.

free fire 58 level up rewards
You can get a lot of diamonds by spending on the Level up Pass

The level up pass cost INR 190 and would give you up to 800 diamonds after reaching level 30. The rewards are as follow:

  • Level 2: 200 diamonds
  • Level 4: 50 diamonds
  • Level 6: 50 diamonds
  • Level 8: 50 diamonds
  • Level 10: 50 diamonds
  • Level 13: 50 diamonds
  • Level 16: 50 diamonds
  • Level 20: 50 diamonds
  • Level 25: 50 diamonds
  • Level 30: 50 diamonds

If you buy this pass at level 30 or higher, you would be able to get all the rewards immediately. This is a unique offer that can only be bought once, of course.

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