According to the newest leak about Free Fire's upcoming OB24 patch, 2 new guns are going to be added to the classic mode of the game: The ParaFAL and the M21. In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about these guns, along with various speculations regarding their features.

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Free Fire's two new guns in the OB24 update

1 - ParaFAL

The ParaFAL is a Brazillian made rifle from a company called IMBEL. It is a lightweight version of a 30 years old Brazillian gun model, with more focus on a lower-cost design. Currently, the gun is commonly used by the Brazillian Military.

The ParaFAL in real life

With the ammo type of the ParaFAL being 7.62mm, similar to most ARs, its damage is going to be about that range. However, with the gun being pretty cheaply made, it is likely that the FAL would be a lower-tier option, similar to the FAMAS and SCAR. Furthermore, it is going to spawn normally on the map and not an airdrop weapon.

2 - M21 "Woodpecker"

Finally, the other Sniper Rifle in PUBG Mobile has come to Free Fire. The M21 is a modified variant of the M14, with a greater focus on range and damage. While it doesn't have the stopping power of the AWM, the gun is still plenty strong - it is pretty much guaranteed to be better than the Kar98k.

The M21 might be more powerful than the AWM, despite having lower damage

The strength of the M21 would probably be its firing speed - same as how it was depicted in other video games. This is actually better than damage - you would be able to fire at your enemy again before they managed to get into cover. Similar to the Groza, the M21 is probably going to be an airdrop-only item.

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