India's major Free Fire eSports tournament, the Free Fire India Championship 2020, is heading to its climax. The second day of the league stage has concluded, after various matches full of action. It was a great display of skill from players from all over India and the 1 Nepal team. 18 teams are going to battle to choose the 12 teams to qualify for the grand finals. The prize money of this tournament is ₹50,00,000.

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11 teams in day 2 are Indians - there is only 1 Nepalese team in this tournament

Day 2 Summary

Day 2 of FFIC 2020 is even more of a stomp than the previous one, with CRX Elite and Six Sense getting 66 and 72 kills respectively - they massacre everybody else. The two teams tied on the top of the table with 152 points - but CRX got the #1 due to their 2 Booyahs compared to Sixth Sense's 1 in the last round. The Round Robin format yesterday is Group B and C going for 6 rounds on 3 maps Bermuda, Purgatory, and Kalahari - today would be Group A vs Group C.

It is likely that we would see more surprises later in the stages, as teams would be more familiar with each other's playstyles.

Day 1 overall standings

Groups standings after day 2 - the top 2 of each group would advance to the next round

Below are the overall standings of the tournament after the second day.

  1. Team CRX Elite- 152 points (33 kills)
  2. Sixth Sence- 152 points (36 kills)
  3. Old Skool- 124 points (24 kills)
  4. Route Changers- 119 points (25 kills)
  5. TheMutantzz- 111 points (24 kills)
  6. Soar Silently- 95 points (21 kills)
  7. Team Lava- 94 points (20 kills)
  8. UG Empire- 70 points (8 kills)
  9. Team KS- 64 points (17 kills)
  10. United Nepal- 57 points (9 kills)
  11. IncomeTax- 40 points (12 kills)
  12. The Doctors- 22 points (7 kills)

The tournament will be streamed today at the same time slot - 6 PM IST. You should tune in to unlock special rewards from the live-watching event. The best team to support on day 3 is probably Optimum Esports, after their flawless showings in Day 1

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