Looks like Garena is bombarding Free Fire with quite a few big updates in a row, likely to take advantage of PUBG Mobile's blunder in India. In Free Fire's OB24 advance server - a private beta test server for OB24, 2 new characters have been revealed: Sverr and Diana.

In this article, we would list out everything you need to know about the new Sverr character in Free Fire. He is going to be Free Fire's 31st character.

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New character Sverr's appearance

1 - Sverr Backstory and Design

Based on Sverr's name and general appearance, we can already guess where he comes from. The guy is a North European, likely from Nordic countries like Norway, Sweden and the like. This is more or less a modernized interpretation - if you have watched the Viking show on Netflix or play the latest God of War game from the PS4, you would recognize that type of hairstyle, tattoo and outfits.

Sverr's ability in game

According to Sverr, he has "beast blood" and can channel his inner berserker when fighting in the ring. This is an interpretation of a nordic legend - with "Berserker warriors" channeling their rage into their furious attacks. Sverr wears a custom costume of a pit fighter, with chains around his waist and gloves to protect his hands.

2 - Sverr's ability "Going Berserk"

Sverr's Berserk ability would sacrifice his HP to boost his damage dealt. At level 1, for 40 HP, you would get a 10% damage boost for 5 seconds. The skill would scale based on damage, with higher levels increasing the bonus damage given.

Overall, if you are on the attacking side, exchanging just 40 HP for any kind of bonus damage is a plus. When used in combination with a high damage weapon like a sniper rifle, this skill would definitely cause a lot of havoc.

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The two new characters in OB24

Overall, Sverr's straight damage boost skill is likely to become very popular, as offence is the best defense. If you combine it with Alok's heal, the HP cost for Berserk's activation is pretty much free.

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