Free Fire OB33 update has finally come out bringing a massive number of changes. In this article, Gurugamer is going to showcase a complete analysis of Free Fire OB33 Patch notes, including skill balances, new character, link system, and more.

1. Gaming Environment


Credit System

Introducing a scoring system for players' convenience and visibility with their account statuses.

• Accounts that have been reported and verified to intentionally throw the game, AFK, force quit, or are verbally abusive will have 1-4 points deducted, while frequent abusers will face extra score deduction.
• A perfect score unlocks valuable prizes, while a score lower than 90 suggests a ban from CS-Ranked, that lower than 80 suggests a ban from BR-Ranked.
• Playing games with good behavior will earn 1-2 credit points per game.
• Will be available 3/25 11:00 GMT+8

Report System Improvements

Reporting is made more efficient, and report responses are more trackable

• You can now report another player in your match history page.
• You can now report another player in CS mode scoreboards.
• Added new reasons for reporting.
• Optimized in-game mail report response, now you can track your report progress.

In-Game Voice Chat Reporting Feature

Players can now report inappropriate voice chat calls.

• To protect your privacy, the detection will only take place if a report is sent.
• Added a new feature to the current mute button where you can report selected player(s) on the spot.
• Once verbal harassment is verified, the player faces a mute punishment and a credit score reduction.

Will be available 3/25 11:00 GMT+8

2. New System

The free character system allows players to get more Free Fire characters at no cost.

Get free Characters with LINK!

Players can obtain free Characters by playing games in any mode

"As Characters and their skills have become a fundamental part of our gameplay, we've come to realize the importance of making Characters more accessible. Now, all existing Characters are available through LINK for free! Say goodbye to paying for Characters!"

• Players may only link with one Character at a time.
• There's a limit to the LINK points players get per day.
• Players may give their LINK progress an extra boost with coins (limited per day).
• All Characters prior to this patch update will be included in the LINK system.
• Price cut in Character lvl-ups and skill slots unlockings:
• Reduced Character Fragments needed for leveling up: (See in 1st form below)
• Reduced the costs for unlocking skill slots: (See in 2nd form below)

Character Fragments Needed Before & After

Leveling Up Before OB33 After OB33
Level 2>3 500 400
Level 3>4 1500 1000
Level 4>5 2500 2000
Level 5>6 5000 4000

Costs for Unlocking Skill Slots Before & After

Unlocking skill slots Before OB33 After OB33
Slot 1 50 Diamonds/2,000 Coins 40 Diamonds/2,000 Coins
Slot 2 75 Diamonds/5,000 Coins 75 Diamonds/3,750 Coins
Slot 3 125 Diamonds/10,000 Coins 125 Diamonds/6,250 Coins

3. New character & skill changes

The new character Kenta is a weaker version of Chrono.

OB33 New Character Kenta

Swordsman's Wrath forms a frontal shield of 5m width that reduces 50% weapon damage coming from the front. Lasts for 2/3/3.5/4/4.5/5s and resets after firing a shot. Cooldown: 210/200/190/180/170/160s

A124 (Rework)

Unleashes a 8m electromagnetic wave that disables enemies' skill activation and interrupts their interaction countdown. Lasts for 20/22/24/26/28/30s. Cooldown: 100/90/80/70/60/50s.

Nikita (Rework)

Reload speed increases by 14/16/18/20/22/24%. For SMGs, the final 6 rounds of the clip deals 10/12/14/16/18/20% more damage.

Steffie (Rework)

Create a 4m area that blocks throwables. Allies in the area will restore 10% armor durability every second and ammo damage taken from enemies will reduce by 10/12/14/16/18/20%. Lasts for 10/11/12/13/14/15s. Cooldown: 115/110/105/100/95/90s. Effects do not stack.

Caroline (Balancing)

When holding a shotgun, movement speed increases by 3/4/5/6/7/8% -> 6/7/8/9/11/13%

Otho (Balancing)

After eliminating an enemy, the positions of other enemies within 25/30/35/40/45/50m -> 25/35/45/55/65/75m of the elimination spot will be revealed. Info will be shared with teammates for 4s -> 6s.

Rafael (Balancing)

When using Snipers and Marksman Rifles, firing sound is silenced and successful shots can cause enemies to bleed 20/23/27/32/38/45% -> 40/50/60/70/80/90% faster.

Thiva (Balancing)

Rescue (help-up) speed increases by 10/13/16/19/22/25% -> 15/18/21/24/27/30%. Upon a successful rescue, the user recovers 15/20/25/30/35/40HP -> 25/30/35/40/45/50HP in 5s.

4. Game mode change

The number of Gameplay Adjustments in this patch is massive.

Clash Squad

  • New Quadra Kill Animation
  • Enhanced the visual effects when executing a quadra.

Battle Royale

New In-game Missions

- Hit List missions: Purchase from the Vending Machine using FF Coins. Eliminate target within the time limit.
- Supply Run missions: Obtain for free on the map. Reach specified location within the time limit.

Ultimate Weapons Now Upgradable

All Ultimate Weapons are upgradeable now(3 stages) using the Upgrade Chip, except for the airdrop one: This list is as follows:

- MP5
- M60
- M4A1
- M14
- Kar98k

5. Weapon and Balance

The new G36 gun is a very strong AR that might become popular later.

New Weapon: G36

New weapon available.

"The new weapon G36, paired with the unique firing mode switch feature, offers an all-encompassing experience, sufficiently covering the needs for short-ranged and mid-ranged battles both."

- Switch firing mode: G36 toggles between Assault, short-ranged mode and Range, mid-ranged mode
- Assault stats:
- Base Damage: 26
- Rate of Fire: 0.096
- Magazine: 30
- Range stats:
- Base Damage: 33
- Rate of Fire: 0.15
- Magazine: 30

Weapon Adjustments

Effective range adjusted.

- M4A1: Effective range -4%
- SCAR: Effective range +5%
- M249: Effective range -3%
- FAMAS: Effective range -2%
- XM8: Effective range +5%
- AN94: Effective range +4%
- AUG: Effective range +6%
- PARAFAL: Effective range +5%
- Kar98k:Gun switch time +20%
- UMP: Effective range -3%, movement speed when firing -10%, stability -7%
- MP5: Effective range -10%, damage +10%,
- VSS: Effective range -15%
- MP40:Stability +15%, movement speed when carrying +15%, movement speed when firing +10%
- Thompson: Effective range -3%
- Mini Uzi: Effective range -8%
- MAC10: Effective range -4%
- M1014: Effective range -16%, reload speed +30%
- M1873: Effective range -15%
- SPAS12: Effective range -8%, reload speed +10%
- M1887: Effective range -12%, damage +8%, movement speed when carrying +5%
- MAG-7: Effective range -15%, damage +4%, stability +10%
- Charge Buster: Effective range -10%, damage +5%
- M1887-X: Added new muzzle accessory slots

6. New gameplay features

In-game Vibration Feedbacks Now Available

- Players may toggle and customize vibrations in the settings page.

Custom Room Enhancements

New Features available in Custom Room.

- Auto Revival feature now available in BR mode. When turned on, players with enough FF Coins will be automatically revived.
- Customize the damage and speed of the play zone in BR mode.
- Normal Room Cards now unlock CS Shop and item pricing customization features

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