Free Fire's skill system is probably the best part of the game, giving players tactical options to go against enemies in combat. Usually, a new character or two is added in every update - OB33 is not an exception.

In the recent OB33 Advance Server Update, a new mystery character has been revealed... and with the recent patch note, so is his identity. In this article, is going to showcase everything you need to know about the new character Kenta in Free Fire OB33.

1. About the new character Kenta

Kenta is the third character with a connection to the Kelly/Hayato storyline. He is a swordsmith and warrior serving the Yagami family, from which Hayato is the next head. Apparently, he is also Hayato's bodyguard.

Kenta is the second swordsman added to the game after Hayato.

The swordsmith Kenta has appeared in previous Free Fire comics - it looks like the character has come to the island of Free Fire to aid Hayato in his task. Appearance-wise, Kenta wears a purple Samurai-inspired costume, with a purple cape adorned with the Yagami clan's symbol.

2. Kenta's skill: Swordsman's Wrath

Swordsman's Wrath is an active ability that creates a shield that reduces weapon damage coming from the front. The shield is a rectangular force field that moves after Kenta and always faces the viewing angle of the camera.

Swordman's Wrath
Despite being named Swordman's Wrath, Kenta's ability is purely defensive.

The AoE of the shield is fairly big, which makes it useful for covering your team and protecting them from attacks. The duration of the shield is fairly long, however, it automatically stops if Kenta fires a shot.

Screenshot 2

Swordman's Wrath blocks about half the gun damage from enemies, which renders most attacks ineffective.

3. How strong is Kenta?


  • The shield is mobile and can be rotated at will, based on players' camera angle.
  • Huge AoE that covers teammates.
Kenta's outfit is fairly subdued.


  • While having this shield can be useful, it is an active ability. By picking it, players must skip Alok or Skyler's skills, which are obviously superior.
  • Only block half the damage instead of full damage like Chrono.
  • Players cannot shoot while using the shield.

Overall, while Swordman's Wrath is easy to use, its power is seriously lacking. There aren't many useful applications for this ability in combat, as players can't attack with it and it doesn't even block all damage.

The best use for Swordman's Wrath is for covering your teammates from enemy fire while you heal or reload your weapon. for everything else, just throw down a gloo wall instead. Alternatively, Kenta's shield can also be used when exploring a dangerous area with enemies lurking. This way, players can get into position without taking too much damage.

4. Skill combination for Kenta

Overall, there are three combos for Kenta:

  • Assault Tank: Kenta + Hayato + Andrew + Antonio
  • Iron Defence: Kenta + Olivia + Thiva + Shirou
  • Max Mobility: Kenta + Jota + Leon + Kelly
Skill combination for Kenta
Skill combination for Kenta

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