The new OB28 Update is now online in Garena Free Fire. Players can log in to enjoy new changes and features such as 2 utility grenade slots, the Mini Uzi, and more. Garena has also released the first event in 2021's Rampage: New Dawn campaign. It's a 7-day check-in event, where players have to accumulate login counts to exchange for various rewards.

7 Day Checkin
Accumulate logins to win numerous rewards from Garena!

Visit Garena Free Fire for 7 days and claim powerful characters like DJ Alok and Chrono for absolutely free!

Free Fire Rampage 7-Day Check-In Event

From June 8th to June 18th, 2021, players only have to check into Free Fire for 7 days to claim numerous rewards from the game. The available goodies include the broken characters like DJ Alok and Chrono, plus some of the best weapon skins in Free Fire.

Dj Alok
Claim the power DJ Alok for free!

Here's the detailed list of rewards in this new accumulative log-in event:

  • 1 day: Hayato (14d) + AK47 – Urban Rager (14d)
  • 2 days: Xayne (14d) + M60 – Viper Gangster (14d)
  • 3 days: Shirou (14d) + M1887 – Rapper Underworld (14d)
  • 4 days: Wukong (14d) + AWM – Vandal Revolt (14d)
  • 5 days: Moco (14d) + SKS – Urban Rager (14d)
  • 6 days: Alok (14d) + SPAS 12 – Urban Rager (14d)
  • 7 days: Chrono (14d) + M1014 – Wasteland (14d); Rampage: New Dawn Head (Dragon Azure Upgraded Helmet)

How to Claim Rewards from Free Fire Rampage 7-Day Check-In Event?

The new check-in event is visible under the Events tab in the Free Fire client. Players can follow our instructions here to claim their rewards:

Checkin Event
The check-in event is under the Rampage 3.0 tab.
  • #1: Launch Garena Free Fire and open the Events tab by clicking on the calendar icon on the screen’s right side of the main lobby.
  • #2: Next, select ‘7 Days Check-In’ under the ‘Rampage 3.0’ tab.
  • #3: If the rewards are ready to claim, the button next to them will turn yellow. Tap the button to get your rewards.
  • #4: Check your inventory. The characters will be under the Characters tab, and the gun skins will be in the Weapons tab.

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