The OB28 update has just arrived on the main servers in Free Fire. Apart from many changes and updates, there will be a lot of new events in Free Fire in June for players to join and get free rewards.

Here is the list of all Free Fire free skins after the OB28 update.

1. McLaren P1™ Helios skin

The Free Fire x McLaren collaboration will feature a total of 4 car skins. The skins in this collaboration are the first car skins in Free Fire that improves your stat.

The McLaren P1™ Helios skin is the first one to be released. Players can get this car skin in the McLaren top-up event for free by buying 200 Diamonds. The McLaren P1™ Helios skin will increase your Accelratino by 20% while reducing the Damage Reduction stat by 10%.

Mclaren P1 Helios Top Up
Get the McLaren P1™ Helios skin for free in this top-up event.

2. Shadow Shaker Bundle

One of the biggest Free Fire events in June is the Rampage 3.0 event. The Rampage 3.0 event has returned and it will continue the story of the last Rampage 2.0. This time, it introduces 4 heroes with 4 Legendary bundles. The good news is that players will be able to get on Legendary bundle for free, the Shadow Shaker Bundle.

All players have to do is log in to Free Fire during the event and complete simple missions in order to get this bundle. More details about the mission will be revealed later.

This is definitely one of the best Free Fire free skins you can get.

Free Fire Rampage 3 0
Players will get the Shadow Shaker Bundle for free in the Rampage 3.0 event.

3. Keyboard Warrior Bundle

The Gold Royale has reset, bringing players a new bundle as Grand Prize for players to grab. The Gold Royale is a spin in the Luck Royale in Free Fire. The Grand Prize will change every 2 months.  Players have 1 free skin every day. they can use 300 Gold for 1 spin or 3000 Gold for 11 spins. The more players spin, the better chance they have to obtain the bundle.

Keyboard Warrior Bundle
The Keyboard Warrior Bundle is the new Grand Prize in the Gold Royale.

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4. Golden M1014 skin

The new OB28 update also brings a new Clash Squad rank season. The reward for Clash Squad Rank Season 7 is the Golden M1014 skin.  Players who reach Gold III in Free Fire Clash Squad Rank Season 7 will be able to claim this skin.

Golden M1014 Free Fire
The Golden M1014 skin will be the Clash Squad rank rewards in Season 7

5. Girl Next Door Bundle

A female bundle called Girl Next Door will be available in the FF Token shop for players to exchange. The bundle has a total of pieces and each piece costs 50 Tokens in the shop. That means the cost of this bundle will be 250 Tokens in total.

Girl Next Door Bundle
Free Fire Girl Next Door Bundle in FF Token shop

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