Free Fire is not just a game but also a culture with a huge community of people who come from every corner of the world. Despite coming from different regions, language is not a barrier when it comes to communication as we share the same language: Free Fire langue. As a newcomer, a lot of players will find it overwhelming when exposed to a lot of jargon and slang in the game. If there are some words of which you might be confused, look upon the list down below!

Free Fire Get To Know The Main Slang And
There are some slang that many new Free Fire players do not know

1. Airdrop

Airdrop refers to the box which falls from the sky periodically. If you happen to see an airdrop, don’t miss a chance to pick up useful weapons and dears inside it. Seek for the flashing light as it is the sign when an airdrop is made available.

2. White weapon

All types of weapons which do not have fire are called ‘white weapons’. The most popular is swords, spears, and some other melee weapons.

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Whenever you win the game, you will see a big booyah on the screen which indicates the moment of joy and victory. The word which is widely used among the Free Fire community originated from Indonesian as a term indicating satisfaction or accomplishment.

4. Cover Bug

This word means getting headshots quickly by crouching and shooting while giving the enemy no time to defense.

5. Call

Apart from the original meaning, the word call in Free Fire is also used in attentive times in the battle. If you’re asked to ‘trust the call’ by the leader, it means the time to follow the instructions and bet on the game.

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6. Camper

The term which is very popular in shooter games refers to defensive players who try to hide in houses and buildings as long as possible to save their life and only come out in the last minutes. This type of player are the most hated in battle mode.

7. Cover

Another expression of headshot

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Diamond - the second-highest rank in Free Fire ranking. The top 1 is called Heroic.

9. HP

Short for Health Point, bar which shows the state of health of your character. The maximum HP is 200 and when you take damage, it decreases gradually until it runs out and you’re out from the battle.

10. EP

Short for Energy Point - the backup for Health Point

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11. Campfire

The feature available on due and squad modes which allows you and your team to be healed

12. HS

Short for Headshot - the gunshot that aims at the head of the enemy

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13. Quitter

In Free Fire, any other competitive games like quitter refer to players who quit or run away from the fight easily and do not have the courage to encounter enemies.

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