It is easy to look at a successful person and think about how they can make it there easily. But behind every success story are many struggles that only people who have gone through can understand. It is the same for many famous Free Fire YouTubers. That why Free Fire decided to make a video series called Free Fire Stories to unveil the life story and the struggle of famous Indian Free Fire YouTubers.

The first episode of this series was just released on the YouTube channel Free Fire India Official. In this episode, we will get to see the life of Gaming Subrata Live before he became famous and know why he chose to become a Free Fire YouTuber.

Can't make it to college because he had no money

Subrata lives in a farm village in Mankar, West Bengal. He wanted to study Hotel Management but his family was too poor to afford it. And so he had to stay home while watching his friends go to places. He used to help his dad on the field for hours but it was no easy job.

Free Fire Stories Humble Beginnings Ft Gaming Subr
His family was too poor to afford his study

When Subrata was 17 years old, he went to Bangalore and worked there as kitchen staff. He worked 12 hours per day and got a Rs 9,000 salary. He worked during the day and play Free Fire with his 3 roommates during the night.

Quit his job to become a Free Fire YouTuber

After the first month, they reduced his salary so he got angry and quit the job, going back to his home. Of course, his parents were really angry that he had no job and they scolded them regularly. Every time that happened, he went out of the house to find a place to play Free Fire. Then a friend told him that there are people who can make money by uploading Free Fire video on YouTube so he wanted to try it.

But it was not an easy route. The internet connection at his house wasn't good so he has to walk for hours to climb on top of a tree to make videos and upload it. People even laugh at him for recording a video and called him mad.

Free Fire Stories Humble Beginnings Ft Gaming Subr
He would walk for hours to get to a place with a good internet connection

But then he started getting some views and subscribers and it was not long before one of his videos went viral. His fifth video got 3,000,000 views and he was extremely happy about it. Then one day, Free Fire contacted him and offered a Rs 2,000 sponsorship. From there, he started to earn more, enough for him to get a wifi router at home.

Free Fire Stories Humble Beginnings Ft Gaming Subr
He earned his own setup at home with his money

Now Gaming Subrata Live is currently having 1,5 million subscribers and everyone, including the people who laugh at him, now admires him. It is no doubt that he got a bad beginning, but his dedication paid off and he will definitely grow even bigger in the future and fulfill his dream.

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