Free Fire has reintroduced many exciting game modes for a limited time. During the recent big Spine Punk event, the developers have brought back the Gun King Mode from May 17th to 24th. Before that, Free Fire players can play the Bomb Squad mode from May 9th to 13th, 2020. Check it out here with

Free Fire Time-Limited Bomb Squad Mode Re-Opened

Bomb Squad is an exciting game mode in Free Fire. It has been re-opened for players from May 9th to 13th. In this game mode, two squads spawn in two different spots on the map and take two opposite roles. When the game starts, one team will be the attackers while the other team takes the role of defenders.

Bomb Squad Mode Reintroduced
Bomb Squad Mode Reintroduced

The attackers have to set bombs on the Bomb Site and let it automatically explode after 60 seconds. In contrast, the mission of Defenders is to stop the explosion. Defenders have to kill Attackers so that they cannot plant the bomb on the assigned spots. If the Attackers have set the bomb already, the Defenders have to defuse the bomb before it explodes.

Choose Equipment Set
Choose Equipment Set Before Each Round

There are 7 rounds per match in Bomb Squad mode. The team that wins four matches first will be the winner of the game. Before each round, eight Free Fire players from two teams will choose the equipment set to use in that round. Teamwork is very important in Bomb Squad, especially if you are Attackers. You will need the cover from your teammates when you are planting the bomb.

Plant The Bomb At The Bomb Site
Attackers Have To Plant The Bomb At The Bomb Site

The Defenders can rush to the Bomb Site to stay camp for the Attackers when the round starts. It’s easier to stop the enemies from planting the bomb than defusing the bomb while fighting against the Attackers. Get ready and play this exciting time-limited game mode before it’s unavailable on May 14th.