Do you know that Free Fire has achieved a record-breaking daily active user number of 100 million? The title still manages to grow consistently in the time when the entire world’s economy is struggling to deal with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. More and more mobile users in Southeast Asia, India, and South America are joining the battlefields. There have been debates trying to figure out Free Fire’s massive success in less than three years. Some put the reason down to the game’s colorful collection of cosmetics, characters, and funny emotes. Here’s how to get Free Fire top up centre 100 bonus to get more Diamonds for purchasing all of them. 

Free Fire Diamonds 2
Diamonds are the premier currency in Garena Free Fire

Veteran Free Fire players all know the publisher’s tradition to release beautiful skins, outfits, emotes, Battle Pass, and more in virtually every single update. Only a few can resist the temptation of these wonderful cosmetics. Diamonds are such a premier currency in the game as they are the only way to get some of the best exclusive items in the whole game. Consequently, we figure you may need a guide on Free Fire top up centre 100 bonus to get double the amount of money you put into the game. Here’s how to get more bang for your bucks with Free Fire top up centre 100 bonus in India.

What is Free Fire Top Up Centre 100 Bonus in India?

As you may already know, there are various top-up services available revolving around the realm of Garena Free Fire as well as multiple other prominent titles. They have to face fierce competition trying to attract a limited number of users. Hence, we can stand in the middle ground and enjoy a plethora of perks and discounts when purchasing Diamonds. But few come close to the doubling the value program of Free Fire top up centre 100 bonus

Cover 100 Bonus Free Fire
Get DOUBLE the value with a 100% bonus

The one-of-the-kind bonus deal is offered by none other than Games Kharido top-up center. If you have not heard about this site, it’s a service formally presented by Garena itself. The website is designed to meet the demand of Indian players exclusively. So far, the service only supports Free Fire, with new titles promised to come in foreseeable future. Games Kharido aims to provide users Diamonds to enjoy the game without the need of owning a Bank account or debit card. It’s the official Garena Free Fire top up centre 100 bonus

Free Fire Alok Character Banner
DJ Alok is on sale - get the character now!

How to Get Garena Free Fire Top Up Centre 100 Bonus?

For new users of the Games Kharido service, they will get a 100% bonus in the first purchase of Diamonds. The whopping bonus applies to all denominations offered in the store. It means that no matter how many Diamonds you purchase, you actually get double that value. The incredible sale program is still live on the website, so if you’re looking for Garena Free Fire top up centre 100 bonus, this is the chance you don’t want to miss! Here are the total Diamonds you get after purchasing on Games Kharido (100% Bonus included) for all denominations:

Games Kharido Bonus 100
The service is offered by Garena itself, so it's extra safe
  • #1 INR 40 – 100 Diamonds
  • #2 INR 80 – 200 Diamonds
  • #3 INR 240 – 620 Diamonds 
  • #4 INR 400 – 1,040 Diamonds
  • #5 INR 800 – 2,120 Diamonds 
  • #6 INR 1600 – 4,360 Diamonds 
  • #7 INR 4000 – 11,200 Diamonds
Free Fire Banner 2
Don't miss this wonderful deal

Disclaimer: This top-up bonus only applies to your first time purchase with Games Kharido only. Consequently, from the second you use the service onwards, the value stays as listed on the site. However, with enough love and support from the community, we may expect to see more profitable deals from Garena. 

Garena Free Fire Top Up Centre 100 Bonus Purchase Guide

Are you loving the new items in the OB23 update of Garena Free Fire? We have to give credit to the publisher for dishing out gorgeous looking items every single patch! If you happen to own some Rupees just laying around, why not purchase Diamonds and refresh your in-game look? Here’s a guide on Free Fire top up centre how to get 100 top up bonus

  1. Visit Games Kharido official website
  2. Select Free Fire on the game list (Actually, the service only supports Free Fire as of now,  click on the icon to redirect)
  3. Log in to your account using player ID or Facebook 
  4. Select your preferred method of payment to top-up Diamonds. Currently, Games Kharido supports Net Banking, UPI, or Paytm
  5. On the list of denominations, choose the amount you want to purchase (if the bonus is available, you will also see the additional amount listed)
  6. Confirm making the payment, then wait for a few moments and check back at your Free Fire account 

That’s a super easy answer to Free Fire top up centre how to get 100 top up bonus. With just a few mouse clicks, you can get double the amount of cash poured into the game. It’s a chance that rarely comes to the Free Fire’s realm. Fun fact, the more Diamonds you purchase, the more value you get for your money. Let’s make a simple comparison. With the bonus included, players get 2.5 Diamonds for each Rupee in the cheapest INR 40 pack. Meanwhile, you get 2.8 Diamonds per Rupee in the most expensive pack. 

Free Fire Games Kharido Top Up 1
Top up with Games Kharido steps 1-3
Free Fire Games Kharido Top Up 2
top up with Games Kharido steps 4-6

Enjoy Garena Free Fire Top Up Centre 100 Bonus

This concludes our complete guide on Garena Free Fire Top Up Centre 100 Bonus. All in all, it’s such a good opportunity to ignore. Save up your cash to buy the highest denomination as possible, then save the Diamonds for future promos. That’s one way of making an investment in the game. Also, don’t forget that DJ Alok is currently offered at a 60% discount - only 199 Diamonds. Get the powerful DJ to your roster now! For more guides, tips, and news on Free Fire as well as other game titles, visit