Free Fire's long-awaited update, OB21, is finally out on the global servers - brings with it a brand new character named Kapella, a new pet called Ottero, the Thompson SMG, and a lot more balance changes. A new event called Wonderland was the main feature of the patch.

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The Audiophile headset would be a great themed equipment for the new Kapella character

By completing the various missions during the event, players would be able to get the Audiophile Bunny Headset, exclusive costumes, a permanent gun skin, and more... for free. The event would be held from Apr 8 to Apr 20 and divided into three parts. Each part would have its own set of missions that need to be completed to unlock the rewards.

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The three parts of this event are filled with various amazing free rewards - you would most likely need help from friends to complete them
  • The first part is dubbed "Play with Friends" in which you have to play up to six matches with another friend for 6 gold royale vouchers, 2 diamond royale vouchers and the Audiophile Bunny headset.
  • The second part is "Call back your Friends" in which you would need to perform tasks in order to unlock a SPAS12 skin and a weapon royale voucher.
  • The last part is "Collect mysterious eggs" - there would be various "mysterious eggs" available in both Classic and Ranked mode - players would have to collect them all to unlock an exclusive bundle contains a headset, skateboard, and costume.
The new airship can be a game-changer if you can take advantage of it

During the wonderland event, an airship would be flying around in both Classic and Ranked mode, dropping boxes of rare weapons and equipment. This would be a huge addition to the game - players would now need to take notice whenever the airship appears.

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