Free Fire diamond is the most popular currency in this game. You need diamonds to unlock and purchase many items, characters, bundles, pets, and join lucky spins to receive attractive rewards. 

Top Up Free Fire Diamond
Free Fire Diamonds Top-up

There are many websites and apps that you can use for Free Fire diamond top-up. Today, will suggest a useful, nice, and easy-to-use app to recharge diamonds. Moreover, using Paytm, one of the most popular and reliable game-recharge apps in India, you can get back Rs100 cash. It’s really attractive, isn’t it? So, let’s learn how to top up in Free Fire with Paytm and get back money to your online wallet here. Here we go!

How To Top Up With Paytm In Free Fire?

Paytm is a popular e-wallet in India. It has a lot of features, including game top-up. Paytm brings Free Fire players a good chance when you use this app for Free Fire top-up. When you do top up in Free Fire by Paytm UPI, you can get back at least Rs 10, or up to Rs 100 cashback. 

How To Top Up In Free Fire With Paytm
Free Fire Diamond Top-up Center

However, this chance is only available for first-time users. It means that you can only get cashback if you haven’t used this feature of Paytm before. Moreover, it will last until May 31st, 2020. With this sum of money, you can recharge more diamonds to use in Free Fire. So, you need to hurry up before this program is invalid on June 1st, 2020.

How To Top Up In Free Fire With Paytm To Buy Chara
How To Top Up Diamonds In Free Fire With Paytm To Unlock New Characters

Before getting to know how to do top up in Free Fire with Paytm, you need to connect your bank account with your Paytm online wallet. In addition, you need a UPI ID to recharge Free Fire diamonds in this app. After linking your Paytm wallet to your bank account, let’s learn how to top up in Free Fire using Paytm

How To Top Up In Free Fire With Paytm 

Doing top-up in Free Fire using Paytm is easy and simple. Moreover, unlike other top-up apps and websites, Paytm gives users a lot of advantages and discounts. From now to May 31st, this app even gives back users 10 to 100 Indian rupees for further diamonds. In addition, this is a popular and reliable app to use, which a lot of Indian people are using for daily online shopping and game top-up. 

How To Buy Diamonds In Free Fire
A pack of 100 diamonds costs you Rs 80. Then, click here to choose the payment method.

Here are some steps to need to do to use Paytm for a diamond top-up in Free Fire. First of all, you need to have the Paytm app in your device, link it with your bank account and get a UPI ID. 

Then, you log in to the Free Fire game and go to the Top Up Section in the game. Next, you can see there are several diamond packages with attached price labels. For example, a pack of 100 diamonds costs you Rs 80. Meanwhile, a pack of 5600 diamonds costs you Rs 4000. So, you can buy at least 100 diamonds with Rs 100 you get back from Paytm. Choose the diamond package you want to buy. It will lead you to Google Play Store.

Choose Bank Account
Click on Add bank account with BHIM UPI ID

Secondly, in the Play Store, you click on the arrow on the GPay option to have more options for the payment. Then, it shows you many payment methods to choose from. You click on Add bank account with BHIM UPI ID. Next, you enter the UPI ID you got when creating a Paytm account before, and click Add. Then, you will turn back to Google Play Center where you see your UPI ID added in the GPay section. Click on the option 1-TAP Buy below.

Click 1 Tap Buy
Click 1-Tap Buy To Confirm Top-Up

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How To Top Up Diamonds In Free Fire Using Paytm

After choosing to purchase the diamond with Paytm, you have to do these steps to complete your purchasing process. It helps ensure that your bank account and other information are safe.

Verify Diamond Top Up
Verify Diamond Top-Up In Paytm App

You need to verify your bill after some automatic processes. Open your UPI App on which you set up the security method on your device to verify your Purchase. Next, switch to the Paytm app but don’t close the Free Fire app. Scroll right and find the UPI option on the Upper Bar and click on it.

Complete Purchasing Process
Click Pay To Complete Purchasing Process

In the Payment Request section, you choose the Pay option. Finally, you complete the security process to complete purchasing. That’s how to top up in Free Fire by Paytm. The system will give you a card for cashback. You scratch that card to receive money back.

Top Up Notification
The system will give you a card to scratch for cashback

The article has guided you on how to top up in Free Fire with Paytm as well as get back money from the system. To update the latest Free Fire game news, visit our website.