Events have become a norm in gaming, of course, Garena Free Fire is no exception. The game drops events during important holidays as well as on certain occasions every now and then. Currently, we have the Ramadan celebration underway in Free Fire. Join it now to win a free Legendary P90 Rebel Academy gun skin. See how to get it free below!

Free Fire Ramadan Event Calendar

The Ramada celebration started on May 6th in Free Fire and will continue to well half of the month.

Ramadan Calendar
Free Fire Ramadan Event Calendar

Here's the detailed sub-events calendar in Free Fire Ramadan Event:

  • Rev Up For Raya (May 6 - May 13)
  • Play It Forward (May 6 - May 16)
  • Token Collection (May 8 - May 16)
  • Token Exchange (May 13 - May 16)
  • Raya Extended Missions (May 14 - May 16)

Join the Rev Up For Raya/Rev Up For EID event to get your hands on 7-day trials of multiple skins. Indeed, the main attraction will be the legendary P90 Rebel Academy.

How To Get Free Legendary P90 Rebel Academy Skin

As we have mentioned earlier, this legendary gun skin is available in the Rev Up For Raya sub-event. It only runs between May 6th and 13th. During this period, you can just log into the game to claim a free 7-day trial of characters and skins.

Free Fire P90 Rebel Academy
Join the event and claim your self free skins and characters

Here's the full list of rewards:

  • Chrono (7d) - Log in 1 day
  • MP5- Demolitionist (7d) - Log in 2 days
  • K (7d) - Log in 3 days
  • P90- Rebel Academy (7d) - Log in 4 days
  • Skyler (7d) - Log in 5 days
  • M500- Party Animal (7d) - Log in 6 days
  • Xayne (7d) - Log in 7 days
  • Groza- Great Plunder (7d) - Log in 8 days
Ramadan Free Fire Claim
All you have to do is to log into the game!

Hence, log into Free Fire for 4 days and you will get a free legendary P90 Rebel Academy gun skin.

Steps to Claim Rewards from the Rev Up For Raya Event:

  • Step 1: Open Free Fire and visit the Events page via the Calendar icon.
  • Step 2: Open the “EID 2021” page and choose the “Rev Up For Eid” tab.
  • Step 3: Claim your rewards.

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