Khvarena Of Good And Evil is the world quest chain in the new area of Sumeru in Update 3.6. The Kory Drum puzzle is one of the most challenging missions in this quest. Learn how to solve this puzzle here.

I. Kory Drum Rule

Genshin Impact players have to retrieve five drums from different places around the desert. Then, place them around the big tree in the Awakening's Real Sound quest. After all five are placed in the right locations, you need to perform the sound correctly according to the Drum's Score. You can check the drawing on the wall in the place you retrieve the drum.

Retrieve The Drum
Retrieve the drum from the surrounding regions.

There are four leaves in the drawing indicating the type of attack you need to perform.

  • The full leaf indicates the plunge attack. Tap the jump button to perform this attack.
  • The half leaf indicates the normal attack.
  • The empty leaf indicates a skip.

You need to check the Drum's Score before starting the performance. Then, use the right attack type according to the drawing when the drum glows up. There is a 2-second interval between two attacks. If you perform a wrong attack, you will fail the challenge. But Genshin Impact lets players try many times until they complete the puzzle.

Attack When The Drum Glows
Attack when the drum glows according to the Drum Score to win the challenge.

II. Solutions To Five Drums

There are five drums around the pink tree with five corresponding elements, including Cryo, Electro, Dendro, Hydro, and Pyro. Here are the solutions to all five drum puzzles in this quest for awakening the real sound.

  • Cryo drum: Normal Attack → Skip→ Normal Attack → Plunge Attack.
  • Electro drum: Normal Attack → Skip→ Normal Attack → Plunge Attack.
  • Dendro drum: Normal → Normal → Normal Attacks→ Plunge Attack.
  • Hydro drum: Normal Attack → Plunge Attack → Skip→ Plunge Attack.
  • Pyro drum: Normal → Normal → Normal Attacks→ Plunge Attack.

After completing five performances successfully, you will get rewards for the quest. Then, you can unlock further quests in the quest chain.

Complete The Drum Puzzle
Complete the drum puzzle to complete the quest.

Remember to bring a strong team to retrieve Kory Drums because you have to fight off many enemies to pick the item. Besides, you need to solve puzzles or complete the Percussive Prancing Mushrooms challenge to get the drums. During this mission, players can open some Precious chests to get rewards.

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