It’s safe to say that Garena Free Fire now has one of the most dynamic gaming communities in the industry as of now. The game celebrated its third anniversary with a brand new record of 100 million active daily users. The publisher Garena really goes above and beyond trying to entertain its player base by introducing a series of events, Battle Passes, and more. Each comes with a unique set of bundles, emotes, as well as exclusive items that garner that all players’ attention. However, these cosmetics and events often cost Diamonds to join. Luckily, we have Games Kharido in Free Fire offering the 100% bonus to double the value!

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Diamonds can get you tons of items in Free Fire

Topping up Diamonds is a reasonable demand stemming from the community to purchase skins, characters, Elite Passes, and more. Hence, it’s easy to understand why there is an increasing number of websites and apps providing this service. Games Kharido in Free Fire is one of the prominent choices among those. Introduced not very long ago, but the website has managed to build a name for itself. Games Kharido. in Free Fire brings a sense of credibility and tranquility in its service. On top of that, the website also provides a huge promo program for first-time users. Let’s check out everything there is about Games Kharido. in Free Fire

What is Games Kharido in Free Fire? 

If you don’t know, Games Kharido in Free Fire top up is actually the name of a service-providing website. It’s developed and introduced to the Indian Free Fire community by none other than the game publisher Garena itself. Therefore, you can rest assured while using this top-up service in terms of transparency and credibility. Moreover, Games Kharido in Free Fire top up is designed specifically for the Indian market. In other words, players across the country can use it effortlessly with a user-friendly interface. 

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Games Kharido gives you double the Diamonds in 1st purchase

Unfortunately, Games Kharido. in Garena Free Fire currently provides top-up service for one title only. It means that you won’t find any other titles on the website except for Free Fire battlegrounds. The developers are looking into it as of now, and they promise to introduce services for new games shortly. In the meantime, we have to settle with one title on Games Kharido. in Garena Free Fire until further notice. 

How to Get 100% Bonus on Games Kharido in Free Fire

The main attraction that draws players in using Games Kharido. in/app Garena Free Fire is the special 100% bonus. This promo program offers first-time users of the service the opportunity to get double the amount of Diamonds that they pay for. Yes, you read that right. A whopping 100% top-up bonus is available for players who buy from Games Kharido. in/app Garena Free Fire for the first time. 

Games Kharido Bonus 100
Top up with Paytm and get the 100% bonus!

The beauty of it is that you don’t have to do anything to get this bonus. The promo program applies to all players in the Indian server. No matter what the denomination you purchase, you’re guaranteed to bring home double that amount in the first purchase. It’s still going, so you may not want to miss out on a chance to get the 100% bonus. Here is a list of all denominations you can purchase from Games Kharido in Free Fire.

Diamonds Top-Up Denominations Games Kharido in Free Fire:

  • #1 INR 40 – 100 Diamonds
  • #2 INR 80 – 200 Diamonds
  • #3 INR 240 – 620 Diamonds 
  • #4 INR 400 – 1,040 Diamonds
  • #5 INR 800 – 2,120 Diamonds 
  • #6 INR 1600 – 4,360 Diamonds 
  • #7 INR 4000 – 11,200 Diamond
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You may have missed the Season 27 Pass, but do not skip the 28th

Friendly Reminder: Please note that the bonus program only applies to those who use the service of Games Kharido Free Fire top up center only. On top of that, the more Diamonds you purchase, the higher value you get for the money spent. So it’s best to save up quite an amount to buy the highest bundle as you can possibly afford.

How to Purchase Diamonds with Games Kharido in Free Fire

Are you falling in love with the OB23 Update’s items and the “Sushi Menace” Elite Pass? Then what you’re waiting for? Top up your Diamonds stash with Games Kharido Free Fire top up center and enjoy the gigantic bonus now! If you don’t know how to use the service, read on to our instruction down below:

Free Fire Games Kharido Top Up 1
Free Fire Games Kharido Top Up steps 1-3
  • Log in to your account using Free Fire ID or Facebook 
  • Select your preferred method of payment. Currently, Games Kharido supports Net Banking, UPI, and Paytm
Free Fire Games Kharido Top Up 2
Free Fire Games Kharido Top Up steps 4-6
  • Choose the amount you want to purchase (if the bonus is available, you will also see the additional amount)
  • Confirm making the payment, wait for a few moments and check your Free Fire account 

All in all, Games Kharido in Free Fire is a wonderful top-up service that has managed to win the players’ hearts through credibility and gigantic promos. If you happen to have some extra cash just lying around, it would be a good investment to purchase Diamonds and save them up. For more guides, tips, and tricks into Free Fire as well as other mobile game titles, visit our website at