When it comes to Free Fire anniversary, Garena also comes with a bang. This year is not an exception as the game has a special event roadmap to celebrate the 3nd anniversary which is due on August 22nd. In fact, the Free Fire Anniversary events has been kicked started from August 13th and lasts till the end of the month. With this once-in-a-lifetime event, you will have the chance to get pet, character, weapons, and many other gifts for free.

Check out the details so you won't miss any single one.

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Anniversary Time Tunnel Mission

Duration: From August 13 to August 30

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Players who take part in the event will need to gather 'time tokens' by sending their characters on missions. If you do not have any characters, Garena will lend you one for 7 days. In case you want to keep it permanently, check out the 7 Days Log In Event for more details.

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Anniversary 1 Diamond Pet Top Up

Duration: From August 13 to August 30

Free Fire New Pet Mr Wagger

Being the newest pet introduced in Free Fire latest version OB23, Mr. Waggor has the Smooth Gloo skill which provides players more Gloo Grenade in case they run out of it. On this special occasion, you can now get this pet with just 1 diamond.

Clash Squad: Bermuda Remastered

Duration: From August 13 to August 30

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The iconic map has been remade and is available Clash Squad matches. Try it out today!

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Anniversary 7 Days Login Event

Duration: From August 16 to August 30

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As you will be given a character for a 7-day trial in the Time Tunnel Mission, you can even keep it permanently just by logging in the game for 7 days in a row. Apart from getting a new character, you will also have a chance to win rewards like royales couchers or Ep badges.

Anniversary Booyah Challenge

Duration: From August 17 to August 22


When joining this challenge, players exchange their Booyahs in games into rewards and Magic cube fragments. While getting 20 Booyahs will bring players 30 fragments, you will be bonused with 10 extra fragments for winning 10 Booyahs in a single day.

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