The Free Fire India Championship 2020 (FFIC) has concluded on the 18th of October. Total Gaming Esports is the new champion of the tournament. The event went on to set three new viewership milestones in the finale.

free fire banner
Players can not redeem the code from the live stream viewership milestones

As promised by the game publisher Garena, if all of these conditions were met, it would release the redeem codes for the Mechanical Wings, Wiggle Walk Emote, and Robo Pet towards the end of the live stream. Yet, players came across a "forbidden error" logging onto the redemption center of Garena Free Fire.

"Forbidden Error" in Garena Free Fire Redemption Center

The majority of players who tried to use the redeem code were facing this error. A server overload may be the cause of the problem. Thousands of players flooded to claim the rewards simultaneously will definitely take a toll on the Redemption Center. This sparked a severe backlash in the community, as none could redeem the promised rewards.

robo pet free fire
A free Robo Pet slipped away from some players' waiting arms

However, Free Fire Esports India was quick to provide a compromise. The expiry time for the code was expanded to 6 am IST, 19th October. Hence, players could redeem the code until 6 AM yesterday.

free fire react
Free Fire quickly acknowledges the problem and provide compensation

Free Fire India Championship Recap

The FFIC 2020 was a grand success. As we have mentioned earlier, Total Gaming came out as the tournament's champion with 173 total points. Team CRX Elite finished second with 149 points. Coming in third is Stalwart Esports with 122 points.

Total Gaming Won FFIC 2020
Total Gaming Won FFIC 2020

If you missed the finals, re-watch the FFIC Final live stream below: