Pets in Garena Free Fire are not just for show. They own special skills that can be super impactful on the battlefield. Currently, we have 10 different pets available in the game, with the latest one to join the roster being "Mr. Waggor."

Free Fire Kitty Name C7ba
Find your pet a stylish name in Free Fire

If you're one of those users who wish to have stylish names for their pets, then this is the article for you! Read on for a step-by-step guide on how to create stylish pet names in Garena Free Fire on Android devices.

Create Stylish Pet Names in Free Fire on Android Devices

Players can have to use generator websites like,,,, or, to bring style to their pets' names. Using a normal keyboard is still viable, yet the results are much less impressive. The reason is that regular mobile keyboards do not include special characters and symbols.

nickfinder on phone
You still can access using your phone

Here's how you can use these websites:

  • #1: Open any of the websites above and enter your name of choice in the text field.
  • #2: The website will generate a variety of different results automatically.
  • #3: Copy your favorite name and paste it as the name of your pet in Garena Free Fire.

How to Change Pet Names in Garena Free Fire

It only takes a few minutes to change your pet names in Garena Free Fire. If you haven't had an idea around the process, check out the step-by-step guide below:

  • #1: Open Garena Free Fire and visit the "Pet" segment on the left-screen side.
  • #2: Next, click on the name change icon beside your pet’s existing name.
  • #3: A dialog box will appear, copy and paste the new name for your pet here.
  • #4: After pasting the name in the box, click the button below to confirm the change.
pet name change 1st
The first pet name change is free

For pets in Free Fire, you can change their names for the first time free of charge. However, from the second time onward, you'll be set back 200 Diamonds.