The Garena Free Fire X Money Heist collaboration event is still going strong in the game until September 22nd, 2020. In the event period, a brand new game mode with the same name will hit the live server from November 20th to November 22nd. Read on to learn more about the details of the new game mode, as well as how to play it!

free fire x money heist
The Free Fire X Money Heist Collaboration is coming to an end!

The new Money Heist mode will include two teams of four players facing off in a small part of the map. The goal here is to collect a certain amount of cash by occupying the Money Printers within the time limit. It's basically the Rampage Mode, but with the Money Heist theme.

How to Play Money Heist Mode?

In a small portion of the map sits three Money Printers, named A, B, and C respectively. Each of the machines contains a fixed amount of cash as indicated by the yellow figure. Once a Money Printer runs out of money, others will activate.

Garena Free Fire Ios Artwork Event
Acquire more cash than the enemy team

The goal is to collect 30,000 cash from the Money Printers or to acquire more cash than the opposing team within the 10-minute limit. Once your team occupies a Money Printer, it will start printing money until empty or the other team takes your position.

New Mode Of Money Heist Free Fire X Money Heist La
Three Money Printers are located on a small portion of the map

You need to defend the position to keep the Money Printer producing cash for your team. That translates to intense gunfights. Also, by dropping the enemies, you can collect the money from their possession. Until the machine empties out all the cash, you will have to fight to protect it. Once a Money Printer runs out, one of the two remaining will activate randomly.

Money Heist Game Mode
Occupy the Money Printer to win!

Now the cycle continues, you have to occupy the other Money Printer and defend it from the opposing team. And for the record, the machine will stop producing cash when players fight around it. Collect 30,000 cash or more than the enemies to win.