The character system is a major part of Garena Free Fire’s appeal. It plays a crucial role in the game, determining the flow of the entire match. With a gigantic collection of over 30 characters, Free Fire offers players a wide array of choices - each possesses a unique ability that could turn everything upside down. The title currently has two awakening characters Kelly “The Swift” and Hayato “Firebrand”. Let’s check out how to use Awakening Shard to wake up their potentials.

awaken kelly
Finish the questline to awaken characters

How to Use ‘Awakening Shard’ in Garena Free Fire

  • #1 Click on the Character tab on the left of the screen. You must unlock the character (Kelly and Hatayo) first to use the Shard
  • #2 Choose Kelly or Hayato (whichever you have awakened)
awaken kelly 1
Choose Awakened Kelly
  • #3 Open the dialog box by clicking the symbol beside their abilities
awaken kelly 2
Click this button
  • #4 Use “Character Fragments” and “Awakening Shard” to upgrade their potential level
awaken kelly 3
Use Awakening Shard and Kelly Fragments to upgrade

Note: To use the Awakening Shard, you must first awaken Kelly or Hatayo’s potentials first. Then you must acquire the character fragments as the second ingredient, plus the Shard to upgrade them.

How to Awaken Characters in Free Fire

Awakened characters will wield new skills as well as have an entirely new appearance. However, in order to awaken them, you must complete a certain chain of missions based on their stories. Here’s how to unlock the Awakened Kelly and Hatayo:

  • #1 Purchase the regular characters Kelly or Hayato from the store
  • #2 After purchasing, visit the ‘Awaken’ Tab
  • #3 Complete all the awakening missions then hit the ‘Awaken’ button. You will obtain the awakened characters along with their sets and the Awakening Shard