We can not stress enough how the character system makes Garena Free Fire stands out in the mobile BR world. The game currently offers 32 playable characters, each with a special ability. Let's take a tour of two of the most popular choices - DJ Alok and Wolfrahh.  We will compare their unique skills – "Drop the Beat" and "Limelight" to see who will come out on top!

alok vs wolfrahh
Let's compare their special abilities

DJ Alok’s Special Ability – "Drop the Beat"

This is quite a powerful skill in Garena Free Fire. DJ Alok creates a 5-meter aura that replenishes 5 HP every second for 5 seconds while increases the ally movement speed by 10%. Leveling up the skill will enhance its effect to a maximum of 15% movement speed boost and 10 seconds of health regen.

dj alok ability
DJ Alok's Drop the Beat

Wolfrahh’s Special Ability – "Limelight"

For survivors who love gunning down the enemies, Wolfrahh offers just what they need. With each observer or kill, he takes 3% to 25% less damage from headshots. Limelight also increases the damage to enemy limbs by 3% to 15%. At the maximum level, the damage reduction from headshots increases from 5% up to 30%, and damage buff on enemy limbs scales from 5% up to 20%.

Wolfrahh's Limelight


Both DJ Alok and Wolfrahh own incredibly powerful abilities in Garena Free Fire. However, a significant difference here is that "Drop the Beat" is active while "Limelight" is passive. DJ Alok’s ability seems more flexible, which players can pop at just about any moment. On the other hand, Wolfrahh’s ability requires you to get kills.

Free Fire Alok Character Banner
Alok has the upper hand in this comparison

Price-wise, players can obtain DJ Alok from the in-game shop for 599 Diamonds. Wolfrahh also has a price tag of 499 Diamonds to his name.