Each weapon in Free Fire has a total of 6 stat Damage, Rate of Fire, Range, Reload speed, Magazine, Accuracy, Movement Speed, and Armor Penetration. And while the Damage and the Rate of Fire of a weapon are really important, a lot of players underestimate the impact of Movement Speed.

With great mobility, you can rush building faster, safer. You can also rotate and flank enemies easier and you will be a harder target for enemies to hit. There is no doubt that Melee Weapon is the one that will give you the most Movement Speed and you should hold them while running whenever possible.

But what about the weapons with the lowest Movement Speed? Here are the top 5 weapons in Free Fire with the lowest Movement Speed that are not good for running.

1. Groza

The Groza is definitely one of the best AR in Free Fire with high Damage and fast Rate of Fire. However, the Groza has a slower movement speed than most other guns (58). But that is just a really minor setback compared to what it can offer to the holder, especially if you can get all 5 attachments for the weapon.

Groza Freef Ire

2. M82B

The M82B, one of the most unique weapons in Free Fire with the ability to destroy vehicles and breakthrough Gloo Wall. Of course, to make it not too absurdly powerful, the dev decided to give the weapon a fairly low Movement Speed of 55.

M828 Free Fire

But after all, no sane players would run around with a sniper on their hands because there is just no reason to do so. Most players only pull out their sniper rifle when they are settled in their position so the low Movement Speed does not affect the power of the weapon at all.

3. Grenade

It probably doesn't sound make sense to you, but the small little Grenade can reduce your Movement Speed significantly if you are holding it. The Grenade has a very low Movement Speed of only 50.

Free Fire Grenade

The Grenade is a very powerful weapon that can kill any players instantly. However, it has a limited range and you need to be in the right position to throw it. The slow Movement Speed is to prevent it from being too overpowered.

4. AUG

The AUG is one of the latest weapons in Free Fire. It has big damage. It has a high Rate of Fire. It has a built-in scope. But it has a low Movement Speed of only 50. Also, because it is a new weapon, it doesn't have many skins yet os people don't really want to use it in Ranked games.

Free Fire Aug

5. Gatling

The Gatling gun is one of the biggest weapons in Free Fire and it is no doubt the reason why you will be running really slow while holding it. The weapon has a Movement Speed of 32. You will literally become a turtle while holding it and that is the reason why not many players like using this weapon even though it has an insane magazine, range, and accuracy.

Free Fire Atling



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