Garena has been putting a lot of effort into Free Fire content recently with many new events and a music video for fans to enjoy. With the Rampage update, Free Fire introduced players to the war between the Bringers and the Liberi. But as the Rampage war is ending, what people have to deal with is the aftermath with a mysterious masked person seeking vengeance.

"The Rampage Wars have created a total mess, but its aftermath proved that sometimes, chaos is needed for calm to eventuate."

The music video is set to be released on July 18 on the Free Fire India Official Youtube channel and Facebook Page: Free Fire IND. The release date of the Free Fire: The Vengeance update is also revealed to be on July 26.

According to leaks, in the next update, we will have a new weapon, a new pet Penguin, a new character called Lucas, and new locations on Bermuda.


The AUG is a popular assault rifle among many shooter games. It is often one of the most powerful weapons but it is not sure how strong it will be in Free Fire.

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AUG is a powerful assault rifle in many shooter games

Penguin Pet

There will be a new pet call Penguin in the upcoming update of Free Fire. Just like other pets, Penguin comes with its own unique ability called Pinguino Willy. This skills can increase the durability of Gloo Wall by 60%. More information about this pet will be revealed later.

Free Fire Penguin Pet
The new Penguin pet in Free Fire is going to have a skill that increases the durability of Gloo Wall

New Lucas Character

The character Lucas has been confirmed to be in Free Fire in the next update. This character is based on the famous Brizallion soccer player named "Lucas Silva Borges". The skill of Lucas called Hat trick, which increases his Max HP by 6 each time he gets a kill.

Image 2 Free Fire New Character Lucas 2a4e
Lucas character is inspired by the famous Brizallion soccer player named "Lucas Silva Borges"

More information about this character can be found here: Free Fire New Character Lucas: Everything We Knows So Far About This Upcoming Character Lucas In Free Fire, Skills, Background

4 New Locations

In a leaked secret plan of Free Fire called Plan Bermuda, it is revealed that Bermuda is going to have 4 new extra locations on the map based on famous real-life locations in the world including Tokyo Tower, Brandenburg Gate, Kungsträdgården, Saint Basil's Cathedral.

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