Genshin Impact players are super excited about a brand-new area called Natlan! It's like a whole new world to explore, with new places to fight, characters to meet, stories to discover, and even new weapons to use. Besides being known as the Pyro nation, Natlan is famous for its association with conflict. That's why the Pyro Archon Murata is also called the God of War. In addition, Genshin Impact fans are buzzing about a new character leak in the Genshin Impact 5.0 update!

A 5-Star DPS Character Leaked on Reddit

Uncle K, a Reddit leaker, hints at a powerful Dendro DPS unit coming in the Genshin Impact 5.0 update. This new character focuses on two elemental reactions: Bloom and Burning. Bloom triggers when Dendro combines with Hydro, dropping small explosive Dendro Cores on the battlefield. Burning occurs when Dendro combines with Pyro, applying a damage-over-time effect.

Earlier leaks have indicated that this character will be a 5-Star rarity with a male character model. He will wield a Claymore as his weapon of choice, marking him as the first 5-Star unit with this combination of element and weapon in the game.

Genshin Impact 5 0 Update Leaks
Uncle K, a Reddit leaker, hints at a powerful Dendro DPS unit coming in update 5.0.

Many fans are skeptical about the character's kit being centered around the Burning elemental reaction, as it's generally viewed as weaker compared to other Dendro reactions.

HoYoverse officially revealed Emilie, a 5-Star character coming in update 4.8. While she was originally meant to be a Burning unit, some recent leaks suggest she's gotten even stronger and can now fit into different teams more easily.

Emilie Genshin Impact
Emilie, a 5-Star character coming in update 4.8.

It's important to note that the only confirmed character set to join the roster is Natlan's Pyro Archon, who has not yet appeared officially. There's speculation that HoYoverse may introduce several Natlan characters during their Special Program event for update 4.8, expected to launch around July 5th.

Genshin Impact leaks are also whispering about the bad guy in the upcoming Natlan region! It seems Columbina, aka the Fatui Third Harbinger. Rumors say she'll be a super strong Cryo character you might get to fight in 2025!

Columbina Genshin Impact
Columbina will be a super strong Cryo character in Genshin Impact 2025.

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