Combat is one of the greatest attractions in Genshin Impact. This video game allows players to utilize different mechanics like elemental reactions and Crit attacks to deal tons of damage to the enemies. Do you know how to maximize the output damage in Genshin Impact? This article will reveal five secret tips to do it. Check them out below.

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Secret tips to maximize output damage in Genshin Impact.

#1. Focus On Energy Recharge

Energy Recharge is a decisive stat for Elemental Burst. Genshin Impact character's elemental bursts are often helpful in maximizing the total damage by giving additional damage, buffs, or healing effects. The higher your character's Energy Recharge value is, the more Elemental Particles they can create to charge their burst.

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Focus on Energy Recharge for more frequent elemental bursts.

#2. Maximize Crit Rate

Crit Rate and Crit DMG are two important stats that decide the amount of DMG you deal to the opponents with a CRIT Hit. Ensure your character's Crit Rate reaches at least 60-70% first. Then, obtain Artifacts or Weapons to build your CRIT DMG to at least 140%. Don't forget to level up your characters as well as their talents.

Genshin Impact Crit
Maximize Crit Rate for DPS.

#3. Be Aware Of Stats Characters Scale With

Your Genshin Impact characters scale with Elemental Mastery, ATK, HP, DEF, or Energy Recharge state. You should be aware of this condition to focus on the stats they want so that you can build these values correctly. Therefore, it's important to read the character description to pick the right gear to build the state your characters scale with.

Read Character Description
Read the Character description to build them properly.

#4. Use The Right Rotation

Team rotation is important for buffs, especially DMG buffs. The right rotation also helps trigger a continuous chain of elemental reactions and resonances. It helps boost the total damage you deal to the enemies, allowing you to eliminate them faster. Here are some secret tips to start a proper rotation.

  • Unleash Zhongli's shield or Kazuha's swirl to shred the enemy's RES before unleashing the next elemental attacks.
  • Use off-field skills before switching to on-field characters to support them from outside the battlefield.
  • Activate a shield before triggering Dendro cores and Bountiful cores to stay safe from explosions.

Each team has a unique rotation. Arrange your characters in the best order based on these tips and prior reactions and resonance for the highest output damage.

Genshin Impact Characters Rotation
Use the right rotation for the best effect.

#5. Build Elemental Resonance & Reactions

Elemental resonance is triggered by using two characters with the same element in your team. Each set of elemental resonance has different special effects and buffs.

Elemental resonance Effects & Buffs
Hydro 25% Max HP buff
Pyro 25% ATK buff
Cryo 15% CRIT Rate buff on the enemy frozen or marked with a Cryo aura
Electro 100% chance to create an Electro Elemental Particle every 5 seconds when triggering Electro-related reactions
Dendro 50 EM buff and 50 further EM buff for Dendro-related reactions
Anemo Reduce Stamina Consumption by 15%; Boost Movement SPD by 10%, and Reduce Skill CD by 5%
Geo Boost shield strength by 15% and the protected character will get these buffs: 15% DMG buff, Enemy's Geo Res is decreased by 20% in 15 seconds
Understand Resonance And Reactions
Understand elemental resonance and reactions.

In addition to elemental resonance, Genshin Impact also features elemental reactions for damage buffs. The following reactions will give your team DMG buffs.

  • Vaporize
  • Melt
  • Electro-Charged
  • Burning
  • Bloom
  • Burgeon
  • Aggravate
  • Spread
  • Swirl

These are the best tips to maximize damage you may not know in Genshin Impact. Stay tuned for more guides and strategies in this game on

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