Sigewinne's Heartfelt Doodling is the new Genshin Impact web event that gives you some Primogems to save for her upcoming banner in phase II. Here's how to join and complete the first exclusive event of Sigewinne.

Heartfelt Doodling
Heartfelt Doodling Web Event Is Live Now!

I. Heartfelt Doodling Schedule & Eligibility

Sigewinne's Heartfelt Doodling web event takes place right before her first banner's release. It lasts from June 20th to 26th, 2024. Everyone having a Genshin Impact account can join to meet this adorable character and get rewards.

You will meet Sigewinne and her Melusine friend named Ottnit in this web event and help them pick three stickers to draw for Neuvillette.

Web Event
Join the drawing games with Sigewinne and her Melusine friend.

II. How To Play Sigewinne's Web Event

The first step to participate in the Heartfelt Doodling web event is logging in with either your UID or HoYoLAB account. Then, follow these steps to complete even missions for rewards.

  1. Enter Creative Fantasy and complete the dialogue.
  2. Select one of three stickers to draw:
    • 1st round: Cheeky Grin, Delicious Lunch, or Syringe;
    • 2nd round: Don't Fret, Stay Hydrated, Secretly Watching;
    • 3rd round: Aura of Great Power, Right Behind You, Credit Coupons.

Choose Object To Draw

3. Wipe the screen with your finger or the left mouse to draw the sticker.

Click To Draw

4. View reports on the bulletin board.

View Reports

Then, you can share the event or download the wallpaper of the adorable Sigewinne. Click Claim Rewards to get an email to your in-game mailbox.

III. Heartfelt Doodling Rewards

The rewards will be sent to you via the in-game email. You will receive the following rewards after completing this simple web event.

  • Primogem x40
  • Varunada Lazurite Fragment x2
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore x3
  • Mora x20,000
Claim Rewards
Claim rewards and collect them in the in-game mailbox within 30 days.

This is a great chance to earn easy Primogems in Genshin Impact 4.7. Stay tuned for further events and news about Sigewinner and upcoming banners of Phase II on

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