Spiral Abyss 4.7 became more attractive with more Primogem rewards. Moreover, this season lasts one month instead of 15 days before. It's also more struggling and hardcore with double enemies. That's why we suggest you the best Genshin Impact teams clear all floors and chambers and complete this season efficiently.

Genshin Impact 4 7 Spiral Abyss
Genshin Impact 4.7 Spiral Abyss has some changes.

#1. Best Teams For First Half Abyss

Hydro, Hydro, and Electro characters are overwhelming Floor 12 of Spiral Abyss 4.7. Here are the five best Genshin Impact Sprial Abyss teams for the first half of Floor 12.

  • Yelan/Alhaitham, Nahida, Xingqiu, Kuki Shinobu: Apart from three core characters of this 'NaXingKu' team, you can pick any character for the last slot. It's highly recommended to pick a 5-star DPS like Yelan or Alhaitham.
  • Clorinde, Nahida, Fischl, Zhongli: This team comp utilizes the Aggravate elemental reaction to buff Fischl and Clorinde's damage. Zhongli's shield helps keep the team safe and alive.
  • Alhaitham/Tighnari, Yae Miko, Nahida, Zhongli: This team has the same advantages as the previous team.
  • Arlecchino, Bennett, Yelan, Zhongli: You can trust Arlecchino's damage in this Vaporize team. Besides, the Pyro elemental resonance with Bennett's support also makes this team stronger. Zhongli still plays the role of a shielder.
  • Raiden, Xingqiu, Xiangling, Bennett: This Raiden National team is efficient for either single-target or multi-target combat with high AoE damage.

Don't forget to build these characters well to maximize their potential. Furina, Nahida, Neuvilette, Kazuha, Baizhu, and Zhongli are still the top-picked characters this season. Besides, the new Electro DPS Clorinde also entered the top 10 most-picked characters this season.

Genshin Spiral Abyss
Archons and many S-tier characters are still the most-picked characters.

#2. Best Teams For Second Half Abyss

In the second half of Spiral Abyss 4.7, you need AoE teams to deal with 3 - 4 waves of two or three enemies in each chamber. Besides, two Abyss Heralds in Chamber 12-2 make the Hydro and Electro characters helpful. Here are the top 5 teams recommended for you.

  • Furina, Neuvillette, Kazuha, Baizhu/Charlotte/Zhongli: Hydro Archon and Neuvillette are the two most reliable Hydro DPS currently. They eliminate enemies without Hydro Immunity quickly.
  • Furina, Yelan, Kokomi, Kazuha: A mono Hydro team is simple but helpful to clear this chamber of the current season with crowd-control support from Kazuha.
  • Childe, Xiangling, Bennett, Kazuha: Childe's Vaporize team has great supportive abilities and Kazuha's damage buffs. You can gather enemies with his wind swirls to eliminate waves of enemies faster.
  • Ayaka, Shenhe, Kokomi, Kazuha: The Frozen team with Ayaka and Shenhe can be old, but it's still gold this Spiral Abyss season with Hydro mobs. Kazuha also helps his allies gather enemies.
  • Xiao, Xianyun, Furina, Faruzan: Furina, Faruzan, and Xianyun buff Xiao's great AoE Elemental Burst to deal with waves of enemies.
Best Characters Spiral Abyss 4 2
Kazuha is especially helpful when dealing with groups of enemies.

You should build AoE teams to deal with small mobs and clear chambers with waves of normal bosses. Try to get 36 stars to claim 800 Primogems in Spiral Abyss 4.7. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks to play Genshin Impact on Gurugamer.com.

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